Group 1 Outline- Heather Fowler essay

Group1 Outline- Heather Fowler

Karen Moore

MGT-490-01A: Human Rebusource Development

May3, 2016

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IV.Strengths and weaknesses of the technologies/software


  • Internet

    • NYC. Gov, the City`s open Web portal, was an imperative wellspring of data during an emergency.

  • Mobile, wireless, and remote technologies

    • Mobile gadgets are very advantageous during the time of disaster.

    • Also, robotic reviewing hardware was sent at Ground Zero to gather information about the strength and state of the garbage heap in zones that were excessively perilous for people, making it impossible to enter.

  • Retrofitting and adjusting existing innovation

    • Adaptable and versatile utilization of existing or developing applications permitted speedy reaction to bad situations.


  • Telecommunications infrastructure

    • Telecommunications infrastructure being shared by a separate service providers does not ensure high levels of network availability.

  • Backup and restoration of information and IT administrations

    • Some administration offices needed to move down equipment on which to reestablish lost data. Therefore, notwithstanding when they had information and programming promptly accessible reestablish operations, they could not rapidly continue business.

  • Hidden&quot technologies

    • Hidden&quot technologies such as those used by the military could be of most extreme advantage for regular citizens.

V.Life Span of technology/ies

Researchand Development-

Duringthis phase, dangers are taken to put resources into practicalinnovations. By deliberately coordinating R&ampD towards the mostencouraging tasks, organizations and exploration establishmentsgradually work their way toward beta renditions of new advances.


Thisstage covers the time allotment from item innovation to the time whenexpenses are completely recouped. At this intersection the objectiveis to see to the quick development and appropriation of the creationand influence the upper hand of having the freshest and the bestitem.


Asthe new advancement gets to be acknowledged by the all inclusivecommunity and contenders enter the business sector, supply starts tosurpass request. Amid this stage, returns start to moderate as theidea gets to be standardized.

Decline(or Decay) Phase-

Thelast stage is the point at which the utility and potential quality tobe caught in creating and offering the item starts plunging. Thisdecay in the long run achieves the purpose of a zero-aggregateamusement, where margins are no more secured.


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