Greek Ways essay

Western civilization refers to the culture of people of European the way they spent their life and of origin from their descendants. Western civilization origins are influenced through the roots of Christianity. Ideas were later introduced through the tendency of modernism of pop culture and various sub cultural and other counter cultural movements. The cornerstone of modern civilization was also introduced and begun in ancient Greece, where the introduction of geometry proofs theories was formed.

Western civilization in Greek cities and states emerged in the twenty-five century, where the western tradition was very much in doubt in Greek societies. The legacies of Greeks were seen as of the precious and possibilities that the western civilization can exists in the Greek people. Western civilization were created by Greek, were the chief introduces the idea of freedom and democracy to people.

The Greek chiefs laid the fortress of the spirit of communism where the culture gives the alternative to the vision of the western, such of these cultures which were introduce to Greek are Islamic and it was admitted to the action of the western way. The first teachers of the west or the first westerners were from Greek, the spirit of west, the modern spirit, is a Greek discovery. The formation of sciences and innovation of technology was first observed in Greek, the use of antibiotics and advanced weaponry.

The creation of western civilization in Greek was introduced by powerful ideas of individuals, where the creation of human rights and inheritance of the freedom desire were practiced. The lives of Greek in the history were actually influenced by the ideas that acquired lives of their own as the Romans took them up, observed into Christianity. The uniqueness of the Greek was their ideas, the way they introduce themselves into the world and the originality and brilliance of their way of life.

The Greek ideas was of much truth to the entire world, because there ideas could contradict with behavior on the truth that human rarely live up to their own aspiration and the Greek extolled freedom and individual autonomy are exercised to the latter. As Greek did not immediately extend the idea of freedom to every human alive, because they didn’t meet modern expectations, yet freedom was later introduced as a natural right to all human beings simply because they are human, it had to be identified as good worth fighting for. This was the Greek fact that it was between their property owning.

Greek citizens males emerged into this field of freedom as the weapon of human happiness that they fought for the long time. The Greek befitted a lot in the geography that places them to the civilization of Egyptians and the river valley that influence their alphabet, which they have adapted from the Phoenician. The incidents of history and geography and the whims of political and religious authorities to become part of a living, developing intellectual tradition, capable of influencing subsequent societies as did to the Greek ideas of freedom.

It is fact that the Greek society was given freedom of equality as a concept to be rationally analyzes to sustain the construction of western civilization. Another postmodern strategy that the people of Greek emphasize was the version of strangeness that they made it a fashionable theme. As the definition of humanity in the whole world, there was no other place that recognized human as Greek done, Greek were the first to recognize humanity more important than local or tribal affiliations.

It was Greek people who identified themselves as the citizens of the world, without the recognition of the common humanity; slavery might never have been abolished in the west. Also woman might never have been granted the equality as they still have not been given equality in some western countries and the liberal notion of innate rights possessed by all human merely by virtue of being human would never have existed.

The contribution of Greek to the freedom was not cited to their own ethnic or national tradition, but they constructed a power symbol that represents to the whole citizens. The government of Greek in speaking of freedom, they distinguished between a de facto freedom and freedom based on principle where by many people of Greek have enjoyed de facto freedom, mainly because their society are not organized and complex enough to enforces any limitations on male who can use weapons.

The government of Greek introduce an idea that men should govern themselves according to laws, offices, statutes and institutions all this government of Greek gave to the citizens, so that citizens of Greek will not have to say their government have the primitively of democracy on the current world. The Greek philosophy says that, they believe that the human mind was capable of understanding, whereby all citizens are asked to make their political decisions.

Most buildings in America states have the characteristic of Greek, for example Lincoln memorial in Washington was modeled after the famous Greek building the Parthenon, whereby many specific features of this and other Greek building have also greatly influence western civilization. Greek believes that healthy bodies made the best use of nature’s gift. This is why Greek man who could afford leisure time spent must of all their afternoon in the gymnasium practicing sports or working out to help more their bodies towards perfection. As a result for Greece’s love for the human form.

Greek were the only one who have contributed to the creational of the discrimination, that they today achieve, whereby all the Greek words, all were formalized expressed of the fundamental reality as the critical self consciousness. Characteristic of Greek gave more than of the critical spirit in the way they made everything they encountered in the thought of free and suffering from contributing to western civilization. The creation of Greek and their potentialities made them to be genius in the earth. (Thornton, 2002).


Thornton, B. (2002). Greek Ways: How the Greek created Western Civilization. Encounter Books.