Grandpa George’s building essay

The “special place” will be at my Grandpa George’s building rooftop where he kept some improvised birdcages made from scrap metal and chicken wire. The setting will be at the building rooftop where I will bring my Uncle Fortune’s. Since my Uncle Fortune is not aware of the building rooftop, where I always find happiness, I will invite him to join me in the rooftop building. The dialogue will go this way: Dawn: Uncle Fortune, I would like you to accompany me to a very special place for me where I will show you why it became so special. Uncle Fortune: Sure son, let us go!

In the rooftop building, as we stepped up on the flooring of the rooftop, we saw the improvised birdcages made from scrap metal and chicken wire. Uncle Fortune: So Dawn, ho had you considered this rooftop as a special place for you? As a matter of fact, I cannot see anything special onto this place. Dawn: Uncle Fortune, for me, the place does not have to have precious things in it to make it special. Just watch and understand what I mean. Uncle Fortune: Look Dawn, there are birds that are coming here. Dawn: Yes, Uncle. The birds are coming here to drink and to eat.

And every time I come here, I am the one who feeds them and also I give them water to drink. Uncle: So that what it makes it special huh. Dawn: I always find that the stress I have from every day’s activity are eased out when I see those birds land here and then fly away freely when after I feed them. I think they always come back since they will be free to fly back after they eat and drink. Uncle Fortune: So the same as true with my special pace. I always considered my laboratory my special place because I always feel happy and contented when I finish a (“Interpretative Writing”) (“Page # 2”) successful experiment.

It is good to know that you have a special place where you find happiness and peace, too. Dawn. Yes. And as part of my memories from Grandpa George, I will always comeback here to see the birds come and go and also to find peace. Uncle Fortune: Yes, as the saying goes that you will feel peace inside your soul when you realize that you are united with someone that shared his contentment in you (Ruggles, 2004).