Graduate School Admission Essay essay

GraduateSchool Admission Essay

GraduateSchool Admission Essay

Attaininga Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice is among my proudestaccomplishments in life. I managed to study up to the university,despite the fact that my social background suggested otherwise. Beingthe son of a Hispanic immigrant from Dominican Republican who studiedin public schools throughout my life was a sufficient barrier todiscourage me from pursuing the goal of becoming a college graduate.My graduation at John Jay College in 2001 was a sign that I hadmanaged to break my family’s record, where nobody else had attaineda college degree.

Duringmy college life, I always believed that I was born an investigator,which convinced me that I was pursuing the right degree. Myemployment at the Yong Institute for Children (Y.A.I) soon aftergraduation helped me see life and my career path from a differentperspective. I worked with young adults who suffered from differentdevelopmental challenges. This helped me realize that it is not aboutthe amount of money that one earns from a given career, but thechange that one is able to impart in the lives of people in need ofhelp.

Bythe time I moved to my second job in New City, where I worked as aChild Protection Specialist for the Administration of Children’sService (ACS), I had changed my career vision statement. My newvision was to use my skills, knowledge, and experiences to change thelives of the people that I serve. This motivated me to put a lot ofefforts into my work in order to ensure that children who aremistreated or abused in the city find justice. My 12 years ofworking with ACS gave me an opportunity to investigate the worstcases of child abuse and pursue justice for the affected kids.

Myunique approaches, coupled with the ability to apply interventionsthat change the lives of the people have attracted the attention ofmy bosses. This is confirmed by the Child Stat Award, the highestprize in the organization, which I received in 2008 for myoutstanding case work practice. In addition, my consistency inapplying ethics, the knowledge of child protection, and leadershipabilities opened a new opportunity in May 2006, when I was promotedto the position of a supervisor. This was a unique recognitionbecause a Master’s Degree is one of the minimum requirements forpromotion to a position of a supervisor.

Mydecision to pursue a Master’s Degree in Human Service is in linewith my vision of helping other people. I intend to increase myknowledge in human service in order to further my career, help thevulnerable children, and work with my fellow members of the Hispaniccommunity who go through numerous challenges in the United States. Ihave full confidence that the Master Degree in Human Service offeredby Boricua College will help me pursue my vision and achieve mycareer goals. The college states that one of the key goals ofoffering the Masters Degree in Human Service is to providesupervision and leadership in social service agencies, especiallythose that have Hispanic clientele. This is in line with my careervision and goals. Therefore, the degree will equip me with the skillsthat I need to work with my community and bring the necessary changein the lives of the vulnerable people. To this end, I feel that Ihave the determination and the tools I need to excel in achallenging, but stimulating environment that is provided by BoricuaCollege.