Good police ethic or not essay

YES! First, we define the term whistle blowing. Whistleblowing is said to be telling in public the wrongdoing within an organization of those who are in the position or those who have an authority. There are many reasons why whistleblowing is somewhat good in the some things. (e. g. police ethics). The first reason is that whistleblowing is said to be a nonviolent form of action since it does not hurt anybody of the wrongdoings but still doing the goodwill job for the betterment of the organization the whistleblower belongs. The second reason is whistleblowing is a strategy that can be use for mobilization.

If others cannot mobilize due to incapacity, whitleblowing is somewhat way can do such thing. The third reason would be the change that can be achieve through realization from the wrongdoings that is happening inside the organization. Reasons: 1. It is a NONVIOLENT COURSE OF ACTION In the very first sense, whistleblowing is a nonviolent course of action because speaking of words is also not so. “…a process of speaking out, never involves violence. ”, as Martin stated in his article “Whistleblowing and nonviolence” (Martin, 1999). There are lots of ways that are weapons of social change that does not include violence.

Such methods are petitions, boycotts, strikes, sit-ins and so to include whistleblowing. The thing that connects these methods to whistleblowing is that the aim of each and every one of the said methods is to express the wrongdoings of those who are in the authority within an organization. Even though whistleblowing tend to be a wrongdoing itself, still the as what Machiavelli said, “The end justifies the means”. Whatever the means, whether it was bad in others perception (like whistleblowing), in the end, the aim for the good is still present and eventually would prevail.

It is a STRATEGY FOR MOBILIZATION In reality, there are many ways to mobilize others. Some examples of these are through communication with other in an organization, conducting a meeting for a certain agenda, through policies and regulations and many more. But in an instance that all else fails, whistleblowing can come into play and make it possible for others to be mobilized. For others who didn’t see the wrongdoings of those in the higher position of an organization, one who speaks about that person and his wrongdoings can make impact that will tell others what really is happening in the current situation.

Then the whistleblower can make the wake up call for others, making them to move. And together, they can make what they intended to make, for the betterment, for the future. 3. It brings REALIZATION Since whitleblowing is telling the wrongdoings of person with authority within the organization, if the whistleblower speaks out, together with the supporters he can get through mobilization of others, would make the whole organization come up with realization of those who are the suspect of the wrongdoings and together with their wrongdoings.

For further defense of this argument, listed below are what whistleblowers can do that will lead for organization’s realization: – Whistleblowers can report to the proper authorities the wrongdoings and the persons involved. – Whistleblowers have the ability to refuse the wrongdoings and influence others to not support too through communication. – Subject to violation of laws are the persons involved in the wrongdoings and whistleblowers are present to testify. – Whistleblowers can spread the wrongdoings in the media (a great medium for broadcasting the wrongdoings) (Schulman, 2006).