Going Green Proposal essay


GoingGreen Proposal

Thegradual increase of temperatures, within the earth surface, hasraised much concern globally.It is evident from the data collectedthat the earth surface temperatures have risen by 0.8oCover the past century. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agencyhas predicted that if the trend continues in the next 100 years, thetemperatures are bound to rise from 1.33 to 6.42 degrees Celsius(Revkin, 2005). These changes have been attributed to the impacts ofboth industrial and the technological changes, which pose a threat tothe environment. With this in mind, many companies have adopted the&quotgo green&quot initiative to bring the situation under control.In this paper, am going to propose strategies the move can take, andits advantages on the environment and the company at large.

Strategiesof going green

Generally,I believe in the need for companies to achieve radical ecologicalsustainability in line with their financial growth. This aspect callsfor the whole transformation of structures to take the green path andadopting certain practices towards sustaining the environment. Thereare three major strategies that cross-cut that center attention onaligning the go green move within the company setup. One of thestrategies is the mainstreaming and encouragement of the go greenideas (Kun min, 2014). Green business calls for the company to fosteradmirable and hygienic activities, technology, and processes withinits jurisdiction to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Insuch case, any company should make the ‘going green’ idea to beattractive from within. The environment within the company should beset up to make the idea, not as an obligated and forceful thing but aprimary duty for the company. This strategy, if implemented mayportray the company’s picture to the outside world in good books.Essentially, the strategy aims at making go green idea as a goodbusiness. This could save the company the cost of extra marketingstrategies as it is already recognized.

Protectionof natural resources is also another strategy (Kun min, 2008). Toachieve the goal of continuous economic growth and reducedenvironmental degradation, natural resources have to be maintainedand protected at all costs. It involves the use of such resourcessparingly like turning off water taps after use within the companypremises. Recycling of waste products is equally of enormoussignificance waste products from the company should be recovered andrecycled. Reduced wastage of natural resources coupled with therecycling could save the company a lot of expenses that could havebeen incurred in the production process.

Thelast strategy is the streamlining of the funding processes thecompany should create the funding process to address issues likeimproved technology, recycling processes, eco-friendly energysystems, and education of the employees on the go green idea.However, such a move will cost the company both cash and otherresources.

Benefitsof the ‘going green’

Goinggreen has a lot of benefits, both to the company and to the generalenvironment. One of such benefits is increased energy costs withinthe company for instance, companies that adopt the go green idea inBritain spend 20 million dollars less on energy annually (Stewart,2012). Similarly, the company is likely to save money on paying billson products since items are used sparingly or recycled.

Thego green initiative helps in building the reputation of the company.The company attracts customers from its recognition in spearheadingenvironmental conservation.

Implementationof the go green strategies has led to increased productivity. Company departments become more creative on how they can harness thewaste products to increase the productivity within the company.


Gogreen initiative is an essential move to make not only for thebenefit of the company but also for the general society if at allmillennium development goals are to be realized. From the discussionabove, it is clear that for this to be achieved there must bewell-calculated strategies, which should have clear targets torealize success.

Thetargets include establishment and promotion of items that arecertified as eco-friendly within the market forces (Rudman, 2005).Similarly, construction and promoting the utilization of buildingsthat are compliant to the go green initiative should be put intoconsideration. The company needs to structure a waste recovery andrecycling program (Rudman, 2010). This will enable organizedcollection of specific waste products and focused research onadvanced technology to recycle them.

Fundingthe go green initiative is also necessary this will see theachievement of entrepreneurs and research dreams within the company.Disclosing the achievements of the implemented strategies isimportant since it will encourage other companies to benchmark andadopt the move. Such targets will see the company achieve the setstrategies and realize the benefits eco-friendly processes discussedabove.


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