God-sent gift essay


Itis evident that there has been a transition from culture totechnology. A lot of negativities have been attributed to thetechnological revolution in the modern society. Researchers throughtheir studies have linked technology to the loss of cognition inhumans they argue that the advancements in technology have reducedthe cognitive ability of man as knowledge is only a button awaythrough the Web. They blame technology for increased loneliness inthe society as people spend much of their time equipping themselveson how to manipulate modern technologies, surfing on social media,like Facebook, and playing games on the internet hence, neglectingthe real life situations. They have also linked massive job losses,insecurity, and moral decay to the radical changes in technology.However, this is contrary to my views on technology. In this paper, Iwill clearly describe the benefits that come along with technologicaladvancement. In my opinion, technology is a to mankindpurposefully to make his life easier and enjoyable.

Oneof the benefits that come along with advanced technology is the quickaccess to information (Madigral 17). It is easier to get informationfrom any place, at any particular time. This is possible throughbroadband internet. A lot of information has been made availablethrough publications like books, journals, and pamphlets. Similarly,information has also been disbursed online on many platforms, likeWikipedia and videos uploaded on YouTube to support them. As themetaphor goes, &quotInformation is power&quot hence, whoever hasaccess to it always succeeds. Gadgets have also been designed tofacilitate transmission of information items like tablets, iPhones,and portable laptops are good examples of such.

Technologyis also behind many innovations and creativity (Madigral 20). Theoperation of technological devices is challenging therefore, ittriggers the mind to work to its full capacity. In the past, one hadto amass a lot of capital for him to start up a business.Accessibility to business ideas was limited compared to today sinceone can easily start up a business from the comfort of his house.Several companies have enabled individuals to sell their goods andservices online hence increasing the levels of creativity. Thecrowdfunding idea is also another innovation where people createprojects and seek community funding online. Creativity has also ledto the establishment of sites like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.

Technologyhas also played a pivotal role in the communication setup (Madigral22). Man cannot do without communication the same way he cannot dowithout water. Advanced communication tools and platforms have beenestablished in modern times. Talk of fax, e-mails, mobile phones,video conferencing and numerous social networks. The world has beenturned into a global village.


Technologyis, indeed, a God sent gift to mankind. Apart from the benefitsdiscussed above, it has also impacted positively on the transportsystem, leisure and entertainment, education, the health sector,housing and lifestyle and the social networking.


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