Global Warming Satire essay

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GlobalWarming Satire

Theadvent of global warming has received a lot of attention in thepublic space no other invention has received as much attention inthe public realm except the invention of sliced bread. All mediaoutlets are focusing on bringing the public to understand the illeffects of global warming, and how joint effort is the only way tohalting the destruction of planet earth. However, after intensecontemplation, one may realize that global warming is not such a badthing. The following discussion reveals why global warming may be ablessing, and not a curse, as media outlets and scholars paint it.

Tobegin with, global warming is good because people will savesignificant amounts of energy that usually go to waste. For example,on a cold day, people turn their furnaces on to warm their businesspremises or homes. If global warming occurs, furnaces will not benecessary, thus, entrepreneurs and homeowners will save money. Also,the use of natural gasses will be kept to a minimum or be used forthe production of more important products such as fertilizers or infuelling cars and machines.

Globalwarming will also create new, habitable areas for humans. This ideamay sound ridiculous, but after serious contemplation, one willrealize that with global warming, polar ice caps and icebergs willmelt away. Therefore, these previously inhabitable regions willfinally be habitable since all the ice will have melted thus,availing land for real estate development and farming. Also, as aresult of the coastline extending inland, people living in the newcoastal areas will experience an increase in property value sincethey will now be living closer to the beach.

Moreimportantly, the use of green energy solutions will be emphasized.Today, the most reliable form of energy in homes and businesses iselectricity. If global warming is left to progress at its currentpace, in about ten to fifteen years, the heat from the sun will be sostrong that solar panels that have the capacity to develop energythat has the same potent as electricity will be created. Thishappenstance means that people will be in a position to purchasedevices such as ACs to cool their homes without having to considerassociated increases in electricity bills.

Theproblem of water shortage will also be solved. Since water, in theform of ice, will move from mountains to lowlands, people in regionswith inadequate water supply will have better chances to accesswater. Currently, a lot of water is trapped in the highlands, in theform of ice. Global warming will melt this ice, turning it intowater, which will then find its way to lower ground. Thus,governments will be in a position to channel the water, throughpipes, to the arid and semi-arid regions. Alternatively, governmentscan also come up with initiatives that deliver this water to dryregions at subsidized prices consequently, increasing the standardand quality of life of the people in the dry regions.

Ina recap of the above discussion, the negative effects of globalwarming are, largely, exaggerated. Scientists contend that globalwarming will lead to irreversible effects, which are detrimental tohuman survival. However, if one takes a step back to look ateverything with an open mind, he will realize that global warming isthe best thing that can happen to planet earth, considering the tougheconomic times that are currently being experienced. Various benefitshave been advanced, as discussed above.