Global warming essay

Global warming refers to the increase in the air temperature near the water bodies’ surface and it affects the climatic conditions in various parts of the world causing a lot of climatic changes. Global warming can be caused by various factors such as the burning of the fossils that contain petroleum products which releases various deposits into the atmosphere.

Global warming has very major consequences which include; the changing of the precipitation patterns, significant changes in the agricultural yields, extreme weather conditions, glacier retreat and an increase in the sea water level as well as an increase in the global temperatures. In responding to this problem the most effective GIN (global issues networks) would be the governments. This is because countries have their own boundaries and they can only execute their authority over their territories without crossing the borders.

This would be very efficient in controlling global warming such that the governments can implement rules and laws that would help in the reduction of the global warming. This would also be easily followed since the governments can easily monitor the progress of global warming and even they can also come up with consequences for those who would refuse to cooperate with the instigated global warming measures. The issue of global warming would require facilitators from the civil society, the public and also the private organizations.

The civil society has a direct link with the people living in a country and thus it would be easier to communicate to the public on any issues that are related to global warming. It is also very easy to conduct civic education and enlighten a lot of people on ways that they can reduce the global warming. On the other hand the private actors have a lot of expertise in dealing with certain specific issues that require the global attention .

It is equally important if the private actors are also involved in addressing this problem of global warming since they have experts in that specific area who are already specialized. This means that the specialized and trained individuals easily understand the extent to which the problem can either be reduced or even be completely solved. Similarly the public actors would be very resourceful in controlling this global issue of global warming. This is because it can easily allocate funds for this initiative from the public through taxation and also by pulling together the public resources.

When it comes to funding the private actors play a crucial key role since they can easily access donations from well wishers and even other organizations so that they can support the work that is done. The actors on the other hand contain individuals who are specialized in the area of global warming since they may have studied this particular area. All the actors involved in the issue of global warming have the experience in solving this problem since it is an issue that has required the attention of every one globally as it affects every living thing.

The actors are also very resourceful in terms of providing the pole with information that relates to global warming thus every individual becomes knowledgeable and they can positively contribute to solving the problem. The actors also have facilities that enhance the solving of this problem and they include research laboratories in which extensive research work is done that further helps in controlling global warming. (Maslin, 2004)


Maslin, M. (2004): Global warming: a very short introduction, Oxford University Press, New York