Global Culture essay

Culture is deeply embedded in the way the people lived. It reflects the views and principles that the people in a certain area posses. In America, the United States was considered as a “melting pot” wherein different kinds of races and people lives. A large number of the people that come and go the United States are composed of tourist and foreigners. Actually the whole American population is comprised of different races that came from different civilizations and who are exposed from different cultures.

The clash and mixture of this different cultures result to the American Culture that have emerged today. Since the United States have been the center of globalization and global business and intellectual transaction, it has nonetheless influenced most other countries. The country has been influential to almost all of the countries in the world because of its economic advantage. Financially, it is the most stable, with some of the richest men and women residing in its borders. It has also been influential to other countries politically and is considered as a great force of power in global relations.

Having this great influence, the united States have been able to affect the cultures of other countries, in such ways that most countries are said to become Americanized. Hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, and ice cream have long been considered national favorites. This can best be attributed to the fast-paced culture that emerged in highly industrialized society such as United States. These foods are easy to cook, delicious and easy to eat or carry, compared to pasta’s and rice which are popular in other countries. Time is a very important matter in an American life.

Since American value independence, it is important for them to earn in their own way. In doing so, time has been a precious part of their lives that not a single second shall be wasted doing nonsensical or unprofitable things. I think that since America has been very influential in most parts of the world, there can be a global culture that is emerging. But this does not mean that everywhere around the world there is one single culture. What can be seen in today’s world is actually a global common culture across different cultures. It is also hard to say that there is one American culture since United States is much diversified.

I believe that a global culture is something positive and at the same time negative. Positive in the sense that it somehow creates equality among different people’s beliefs and traditions making communication of ideas more fluid. On the other hand, a global culture somehow removes a person or a country’s personal identity, since it would belong to a global community in which everyone thinks the same way or acts under the same principle.


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