Future careers essay

Education is a crucial foundation for future careers. It can map out the path one will take in life. While it is not the absolute deciding factor, education is one of the keys to defining what opportunities will be presented to an individual. As someone who has dreamt and already chosen the path [he/she] wants to take in the future, I have decided to improve my chances by shaping my education into one that would better fit who I want to be in the future. Thus, I intend to transfer to the Arts and Sciences program to major in Politics and acquire a minor degree in Law.

I believe that I can use my talents better and hone the skills I already have by transferring degrees. Though Political Science has always been a field that I am interested in, I failed to enroll in this degree the first time because of certain personal constraints. However, by studying another degree, I realized how much better my potentials are suited to and will be used in learning about politics and law. I can definitely see myself succeeding and fulfilling my potentials in the field of Political Science.

The focus I have on improving my academic status is a testament to my sincerity and commitment to change degrees. It also shows my determination and eagerness to take an active role in doing what is best for my education. This semester saw my GPA trending upward and climbing along with me to reach my goal of getting into the Arts and Sciences program. I have taken and passed with high marks classes on Public Speaking, Sociology, Psychology, and Conversations of the West.

I believe that these subjects are relevant to Political Science and as such, they show my capability for improvement and readiness for hard work. I will also be including evaluations from my professors to certify my enhanced academic standing. I am deeply motivated to transfer to Political Science. I am a self-directing individual who fits the requirements of the program. Further, my interests, determination, and diligence assure me that I will prevail in whatever challenge this course will present me.