Fun and Diversion essay

It is extraordinarily difficult for me sum up all of my interests, hobbies, and activities in a concise piece of writing because there are so many of them to mention. I have always been an extremely active individual and a lover of the outdoors, and try to keep myself healthy and fit. For example, I am a huge proponent of exercise. I regularly lift weights, partake in various cardiovascular workouts, and participate in various athletic endeavors. My goal in doing so is twofold.

First and foremost, I do these things because they are entertaining diversions and things that I truly enjoy. I also believe that one of the keys to remaining mentally sharp is to keep oneself physically in-shape, as well. In addition to enjoying participation in basketball and football for exercise, I am also a huge fan of athletics and love to watch the games. Additionally, as someone who grew up by the ocean, I have always been an enthusiast for water-based activities.

Some of these interests include swimming, parasailing, and water skiing. I actively participate in these pastimes as often as I possibly can. Furthermore, if I have any other free time, I vastly enjoy several other hobbies. For example, I have been an avid fan of dancing for the majority of my life. I have competed in many dance competitions and have been rather successful. I also enjoy the pursuit of skydiving, which is one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done, and something I do as often as is practicable.