Fulfilling My Passion essay

“Working in other country to increase experience, go my luck and produce and be paid more money of course is not really bad. Actually, when chance comes in our way most probably we will grab these chance because we believe that its a great opportunity, in pact not every one has given the luck to work on other countries and paid big amount”… This is what other people say when it comes on choosing to work there versus choosing stay in their country land. Making money is important but I do believe that this is not only the factor that we should consider

There is really a big difference in working in your own land than on others. . This phase includes creating a readiness for changes. In working in other country we should also considered the stress that may cause us realizing that we are far away from our own land our family and love ones, we might even feel that there are a forced that hinder us to leave or something that really hold as back home. The culture differences as well as language speak that will make realized how hard working on other countries could be.

But most especially we have to consider the passion we have in our work and career chosen. I believe it is the most important factor to be considered. When I had given the chance to work on other country and offered a high payment to work in a field that is outside of my expertise I would rather choose to stay. I will not enjoy working there, considering that I work hard and study long to attain my position now in my country, I choose this career for it is my passion, I love my work and I love serving my homeland.

Why serving other countries, using my talent or possibly wasting it and working outside my expertise. My land opens consciousness and knowledge to reach my goal in life and fulfill my passion and not to become slave and work outside my capability or serve other country. Making money is important but what I believe that would happen in the long run will distract one’s motivation and competitive advancement to excel in his chosen profession. Ideally, people have strong input to the creation of the dream and how it can be achieved.

I also believe that I can be a great performer when I’ll choose to work on the things that challenge me, things that satisfies my motivating force in life as well as my inspirations and passion. One more thing is that we don’t’ really need to go abroad to get a highly paid job. There are several woks and job opportunity here in our country. All we have to do is to know which place, career we do belong. I believe that we might excel by knowing that place and knowing this we can enjoy our chosen filed that we make sure that may endure.

Surely, we in our own land will be able to be successful. If you really like what you are doing you can make and give your full potential while enjoying your work. You will never enjoy and in pact will never succeed on the thing that never fits on you and match your personality. I also believe that fulfilling a passion may bring enjoyment or maybe bring you to the point were money don’t matter and what matters most to you by then is the idea of fulfilling your passion.

Have passion, passionate people never worry on what should they do next, on how to do on something they enjoy what they are doing and most of all they never think of leaving their job and country as well just to produce more and be productive abundantly benefiting other country. Make your passion drives your fervor to make you even more challenge and enjoy reaping for the fruits you have produce, earn and become successful in life. Make your country proud to your best effort of fulfilling your passion.


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