Food Applications essay


Foodapps have become a common trend in the current globe where businessesuse to market their products. Some are enticing while others do notmeet the appropriate standards as per consumer expectations. Thepaper will look to discuss three food applications and theireffectiveness in the market. Are the apps traversing through manyplaces thereby increasing sales?


Itis a great app especially for food lovers who are travelers. The appis quite helpful in many aspects. Firstly, it is unique and as percustomer reviews, it rarely fails. The idea is also good since manypeople are involved in the food and beverage business. Customers canalso use it to tell shops that they can access food easily. Though ithas received a warm welcome from various sects, it does not fullysatisfy the needs of consumers. For instance, it keeps having issuesevery time someone uploads a video. Sometimes one has to reinstall itevery time he/she wants to upload a photo. The Android version isquite annoying. Even though IPhone has allowed many features thatpertain making shorter videos among others, androids are still stuckwith the original version. The interface is also below par. It is notuser-friendly, and unless a user is well acquitted to the idea,he/she will find it hard to operate. In general, the idea is quitecool, but more work has to be done to make it suitable for a widerrange of consumers. Concerning finances, the company is not yetprofitable in spite of its TV-quality. The prices are not yetfavorable for its proper operation. An efficient business should beable to garner returns and Tastemade does meet the requirement. Theapp reaches over 25 million people on a monthly basis in socialplatforms such as Facebook and YouTube. A powerful idea that stillneeds work to achieve efficiency.

HumaneEating Project

Theproject is designed to ease eating responsibilities. It simplifiesthe task of searching a humanely-raised restaurant. If you are avegetarian, the application keeps track of all the restaurants nearbythat offer the same. With the app containing over 20,000 restaurants,it gives complete directions and reviews. Designed by America forAnimals, the app is free and is meant to help fight the cruelty onanimals. The app is a fantastic innovation that not only educatespeople but gives them alternatives to animal products. It providesthe customers value for their money. A client can sample throughseveral restaurants and their respective reviews. From the reviews,he/she can make an informed decision on a suitable hotel. It alsooffers a platform where customers can give their reviews on aparticular hotel. The application is backed by an initiative to limitanimal killings that are noble undertakings. Mistaking the ideologybehind the app is also easy. Some view it as an ethical app thatpromotes good events. It can, therefore, be mistaken to discriminateagainst animal product lovers. The application is quite popularwithin many States in America. It serves over 15 million peoplethrough the various social media channels. A significant positiveaspect of the app is its simplicity in operation. It can be readilyutilized to identify a pleasant hotel. The interface is alsouser-friendly.


Theapplication helps one to identify whether a product is healthy ornot. A customer scans through products at a grocery and is assistedin making a healthy choice. Each product is assigned a grade by itsnutritional value, and a breakdown of the ingredients is given. Italso offers alternatives to the particular food. In that regard, thisapplication is quite helpful in promoting a healthy nation. Due tothe efficiency of this particular app, it has drawn many people whoare always conscious of their specific health. The fact that it isuser-friendly since the interface was well made has popularized theapplication even further. It is also free, hence many people canutilize it to search for healthier foods. Due to its propensity tocategorize food and inform customers of better combinations ondietary, the application is the top rated app in food relatedapplications. A customer can also be enlightened on some calorieshe/she partakes when taking individual meals. Since it is meant torestrict people from consuming unhealthy foods, the app typicallysuits the function. Additionally, it gives the customer value forhis/her money. Though it does not prevent one from making purchases,it enlightens individuals on how to make the right dietary choices.Thousands of people use the application with the number continuallyincreasing.


Comingup with application needs a proper understanding of the consumers. Anapp should target a particular problem within the society. It shouldinvolve problem identification and anticipated solution. The aboveapplications have been made to counter certain issues within ourcommunities. Most are meant to champion healthy living. However, anyattempt to make the interface harder only affects the customers whomostly want a user-friendly platform.