Fletcher and Carol`s Article essay

Fletcherand Carol’s Article


Fletchertargets the general public it is evident from the media choice heuses. Fletcher’s article intends to inform people the milestones ofWikipedia and its success(Roen, Glaw, &amp Maid, 2012).Also, you can read it to get insight into the views of Fletcher aboutWikipedia. His article is not persuasive it is an opinionatedarticle with supportive arguments intended to strengthen his opinion.

Fletcher’stone is unprofessional this can be supported by his opening remarksin the article “like it or loathe it”(Roen et al, 2012).

Alittle credibility of his article comes from the use of numericalstatistics and years. Such details tend to make the information lookmore truthful on the other hand, his tone makes the articlesubjective and less credible. Also, the lack of academic sources tosupport his article makes it incredible.

Theinformation about Wikipedia’s milestone is clear, safe for Sanger’sCitizendium.Little information has been revealed on how it is connected to thisarticle and what it has achieved. Also, you cannot figure out whathappened to Nupediafromthe article (Roenet al, 2012).

Thearticle did not use citations or formats because it is informal. Theuse of hyperlinks intends to provide supportive evidence for thearticle.


CarolEzzell aims to target the academicians and especially those ofscience orientation (Roenet al, 2012).The media she chooses can support this and the use of the scientificformat. She intends to inform people that different cultures placedifferent value in time units (Roenet al, 2012).

Hervoice and tone are professional. This can be supported by how shearticulates her points by the use supportive academic works, makingher article credible. Also, she is objective and communicates hermessage with clarity.

Carolmight have not explicitly used MLA or APA. But her article containselements of these citations just as italicizing Journal title. Shealso mentions the author, the year and puts quotation marks inanother author’s words (Roenet al, 2012).

Itis an academic paper that contains the ideas of both Fletcher andCarol not citing them would mean am plagiarizing content.


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