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Chapter report

What made me interested in the chapter, What Gender Go to do With It,is that it touches on a discussion that has been ongoing for a whileand which is unlikely to end soon. As far as gender is concerned,everybody is involved because one falls into one of the socialconstructs of femininity or masculinity. Thus, I expect to gain newinsights on the topic as well as add my voice to the ongoingdiscussion.

The essay, What Gender Got to Do With It is a good essay. First, theauthor is not prejudiced into supporting one side of the discussionabout gender. Instead, he presents all sides to the discourseequally. Additionally, the comprehensive nature in which the authorhas tackled the topic makes the essay a good one. Gender issues arediverse with the introduction of technology and same-sexrelationships, among other issues added in the discussion recently.Besides, the essay puts the audience abreast with some of theemerging issues in the gender discussion. These include the rise ofthe stay-at-home men to show the need for a change in the traditionaldefinition of gender roles.

The chapter’s main idea is that every individual has a unique wayof viewing the issue of gender. The author argues that gender ispersonal however, it is influenced by several political factors suchas civil rights, fairness as well as the question of equality. Theauthor does not hope to convince the readers to adopt one of thepositions on the topic. Instead, he expects that he depict all theperspectives on the issues to the reader while at the same time allowthe audience to adds their voice to the topic.

Cards in the chapter

Card number 10.


The title of the chapter is not underlined or italicified. Also, theauthor does not use first person instead the third person is usedthroughout the chapter. Instead of expressions such as “you” theauthor use “others.”

Card Number 9

The author of the chapter use signal verbs such as “finds””argues”to introduce a person’s opinion.