Financial Management essay



Theissue of nurse staffing has been there for numerous years across theworld. There seems never to be sufficient funds for health centers toemploy enough nurses who can take care of all patients (Whiteheadet al., 2010).Numerous health institutions in America are left with no choice butto reduce the number of nurses in a bid to cut costs. However, thisstep has had a negative impact on the budget rather than the intendedpurpose of reducing the costs (Hinshaw &amp Verran, 2014). It hasopened an opportunity for the few nurses left to receive bribes fromwealthy patients in order to provide them services first. Researchhas also indicated that the doctors have private clinics where theyrefer their patients. Drugs are stolen from the hospitals and aresold to patients in the private clinics. This is a form of corruptionwhere bribes exchange hands in order to conceal the theft that isgoing on (Mensik&amp Sigma Theta Tau International,2012).

There are various solutions to the above issues that have an impacton the budget. To start with, it is essential to install cameras inhospitals. These will prevent the theft of drugs, as well as thegiving of bribes openly. There is need to have extremely strongpunishments for nurses who are found receiving bribes (Hinshaw &ampVerran, 2014). The use of health electronic records will be aneffective way of monitoring the use and issuance of drugs topatients. Additionally, there is need to have health financialsystems which will be used to account for every supply in thehospital including the drugs (Ball&amp Hannah,2011). It is essential to incorporate various budgetary principleswhile implementing the various solutions. For instance, it isextremely important to incorporate all the stakeholders in theimplementation of the solutions. Additionally, there is need to givethe implementation process ample time.

Thesolutions described above such as the application of electronichealth records, healthcare finance systems and the security camerasare a demonstration of how information technology is being applied tosolve the problems facing healthcare industry.


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