Father’s clinic essay

There is no greater freedom in life than the freedom to choose the path that one’s own feet will trod. In order to follow my heart, and allow my feet to follow that same path, I have traversed this world, left my home, my country and my family, finally finding my way to this very doorstep. I did not always believe my path would lead here, to the dental arts. The path I was placed upon at a young age was very different. In my family, my father is a dentist, but my mother, and several aunts are artists.

It was decided that I would follow in the footsteps of my mother, and major in the Arts. This was decided for me at a very young age, and in my country, it is not so easy to simply change your mind and your direction. My heart knew, though, what I was unable to express to others. I spent much of my free time volunteering at my father’s clinic, observing the miraculous changes he affected in people’s appearance and even attitude.

In my country, all students are required to do volunteer work throughout the year, and every summer, I was volunteering in my father’s clinic. My father specialized in implant surgery, and the difference he made in the lives of his patients was immense. I understand that plastic surgery is another way to change the aesthetic appearance of the face, but in this line of work, one of the most important elements that affected the appearance of the patient was the shape of the jaw line and the structure of the teeth.

My father could turn a broken mouth into a radiant smile, and the smile seemed to penetrate the flesh into the soul of the patient. Sometimes it truly felt like he performed miracles. When I arrived in the US, I was able to gain entry into art school here. After the first semester, however, I realized that the difference in art programs between the United States and my own culture was immense, and I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the differences I faced. Facing these difficulties, however, allowed me to broaden my expectations for my career.

I started to imagine that instead of completing the arts program that I had been trained for my whole life, perhaps I could enter the dental arts, and create the miracles that my father did in his practice. This was the biggest decision I felt I had ever faced in my lifetime, the decision to take the steps to turn from the major I had been set upon for my entire life, and turn to the dental arts, to what my heart had been telling me to do. I agonized over the decision, and eventually decided that I had to listen to my heart, no matter how frightened I was of the change.

So, I changed my major completely, to Biology. Back home, we simply do not have the opportunity to change lanes like that, to genuinely follow the path we wish to tread. I realized, then, that I would never achieve my dream if I let fear determine the course of my life. So I took that leap of faith, and changed my major completely, and in doing so, my life. My parents, though they live half a world away, are very supportive of my decision, and I could not do this without their support and love.

So I write this letter to you in hopes that I will be accepted into your school, with hopes that the dreams I have chased for so many years are finally within my reach. I have the diligence, perseverance and courage it takes to continue on with my schooling. I am an attentive and hard-working student, and will be an asset to your academic program. I appreciate the time you have taken in reading my essay, and look forward to working with you in the future.