F.A.T city and learning disabilities essay


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Most parents and teachers overlook the minor problems thattheir children and students have with learning. In the video,Frustration, Anxiety and Tension (F.A.T) city and learningdisabilities, Richard Lavoie conducts a workshop involving, forthe first time, educators, and parents being in a position ofstudents under the supervision of aharassing and insensitive teacher.

I feel that the video was well-timed, and essential for theparents, educators, siblings and caregivers of the contemporarysociety. Many students have disabilities in learning such asdyslexia, and they suffer in silencebecause their parents and teachers do not realize it in time. Theopportunity to experience what learners with disabilities encounterchanged the life of many participants of the workshop. An elementaryschool principal had an undiagnosedlearning disorder, and only realized it during the exercise.A father who had divorced his wife flew back home just to hug his sonfor the first time in ten years, and two teachers decided to reviewhow they shall be handling students. Richard Lavoie’s experiencewith his student in 1972 sparked his passion for understanding thelearning disabilities. His video has been a turning point in my lifetoo. I have witnessed many of my friends and schoolmates ridiculedbecause of their inability to grasp simple concepts. I now feel thatI am more concerned after watching the video.

I urge governments and developmental organizations toestablish programs that can help learners with disabilities becausethe society is very insensitive to them. I feel that the federal,state government officials and all teachers should be supplied withthis video so that they can understand the learning problems.Students do not choose to have these disabilities and so, nobodyshould judge them. Learning disabilities are real in the world,and if not tackled in time, many people will suffer in silence,ultimately losing their talents and purposes in the development ofhumanity.


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