Fashion Merchandising & Design

Fashion should always in such manner that it supposed to match with every one’s personality. It should make our looks decent, best and hide our figure flaws. As in the above question if one wants to look taller following apparel features should be avoided. Such as:- • Smooth flat textures: This type of textured cloth should be avoided as it makes the person present broader and fatter. Due to this, the height seems to look much smaller as it. Smooth flat textures clothes are generally in horizontal way and doesn’t able to glorify an individual personality.

So one should avoid horizontal stripes and vertical stripes should be wearing as it gives the illusion of being taller and thinner. Therefore, it is usually seen that flat textures cloths are avoided. • Bold prints and plaids: The cloth having bold prints and plaids should also be avoided to look taller because less number of prints covers whole body and reduce the size of height. If one is petite, bigger prints can overwhelm you, so go with smaller prints and patterns. Therefore, it is always advisable to look taller small and bright prints cloths to wear as it glorify the personality.

Wear small, sophisticated prints or geometric rather than large shapes or designs. • One color outfits: If a person wants to look taller and simultaneously thinner it is advisable to wear outfits of same color and pattern as it enhance the image of the person. Dress in same color makes the person taller and slimmer. A person with low height and to present them taller a simple and a plain fabrics and textured cloths is advisable because it develops the personality of individual attractive. • Straight silhouettes: The person who wants to look taller is advisable to go for straight silhouettes wardrobe.

These types of cloths have ability to enhance the image of any kind of size of person. If a person have already a good height than he can easily and nicely carry off the straight silhouettes dresses. But if a person is having small height and wanted to look tall in that case he can go for straight silhouettes because it only adds to an individual personality. This type of cloths increases the beauty of the figure and can be wearing by every type of people.


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