Fashion Merchandising & Design

Fashion is art to present oneself in most stylish, elegant and stylish manner. It creates or draws the attention of masses towards the recent innovations in the field of fashion. Every body has its own beauty and own charm if it is presented in a beautiful manner. As in the question mentioned if a person having heavy legs that person need to give more emphasis on following things: • Emphasize the waistline: The person with heavy legs need to emphasize on its waistline because if it is not consider then it presents the leg fatter than it had.

One should always consider his waistline if he has similar body feature. Therefore, while wearing any outfit or purchasing always be sure that what looks good on such legs • Draw the fashion interest towards the feet: The person with heavy legs needs to give more stress on its feet as feet’s are most beautiful part of their body band always draws of other peoples interest towards them. Due to their body structure their feet seems to be more attractive and charming and play an important role in hiding the thickness of legs.

Keep the fashion interest above the waistline: This statement is not applicable from any angle to people with heavy legs as it presents the leg more thick instead of thin and even doesn’t solve the purpose of such body feature people. It is always advisable by fashion experts that cloths with waist dresses with straight and classic cut helps to hide that feature and develops the personality. • Draw attention towards the hemline: Yes it is absolutely for a person with heavy legs to draw attention towards the hemline.

If a person has long and heavy hemline, then it should always grab the attention of other peoples towards that and not give descent sense. Thus. Body with heavy legs and with above given features should wear long tops and cloths with small padded shoulders. Adopt the just below knee look in dresses and other outfits. This gives your body an unbroken slimmer look.


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