Family after Divorce essay

Familyafter Divorce

Lifestyleafter divorce is quite complicated in some facets, in particular forthe kids. The family setup tends to suffer a lot whenever it happens.Loss of a parent and other long-term effects are some of therepercussions of divorce. In some cases, women do not regain theirfriendship depending on the cause of divorce.

Aftera divorce or separation, the kids normally live with their mothersand only relate with their fathers once in a long time. Statisticshave shown that roughly 15 to 40% of the kids do not see theirnoncustodial parent for over a year. A well-known ideology suggeststhat kids whose fathers are not constantly involved in their livestend to have behavioral issues. The issues preventing noncustodialfathers from relating with their kids might be quite vast. Probablycustodial mothers fear relation with the kids may be affected. Thenoncustodial fathers may also stop supporting the kids. In thatregard, divorce immensely affects children behavior. Also, theirreduced standard of living due to the stresses involved.

Overcomingthe effects of divorce becomes a problem to many children. One of themajor impacts is based on behavior. Though some kids manage toovercome the ordeal, they struggle a lot. The long-term effects alsoinclude schooling. As per research, children raised in a setup whereparents had undergone a divorce are less likely to complete highschool as compared to kids having both parents. In addition to that,their performance is quite poor as compared to kids having bothparents. The overall achievement of credentials is also quite lowamong children raised by single parents. The ability to adjust tonewer conditions differs but the long term-effects tend to be almostsimilar. Divorce is not a real encounter and has quite some ofdetrimental impacts.