Fallen David in CSUF essay

FallenDavid in CSUF

Acopy of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ that stood at Forest Lawn, felland broke down when an earth quake hit the Whittier Narrows water gap(&quotFallen David At Cal State Fullerton By Peter Kwok&quot np).As a result, the incident created a difference between the fallenartwork and the original Renaissance work done by the artist. Thefalling of the art work transformed the message to be contrary tothat of the original piece.

Theoriginal work was in one piece. It was a representation of thebiblical David when he was about to fight Goliath. The fallen ‘David’on the other hand, broke into eight pieces the upper torso joined tothe head, hands, an arm, the feet which were at the base as well asthree other pieces of the legs of the artwork (Hanson. np). Otherparts of the artwork could, as well, not be properly seen as theyremained hidden when it fell and broke. It would, therefore, not beeasy to establish how the figure looked like before it was broken.

Thissituation brought a problem in the message that would be portrayed bythe sculpture. While the original representation exemplified thestrength that David had, the fallen one completely lost this element(Hanson. np). It would be hard for an individual to establish thatthe sculpture represented David while he was at war with Goliath. Theother view is that with the piece of art fallen and shattered, itcompletely wiped away the stability that David had. This would bequite the opposite of the message intended in the original work.


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