Fallacy of an appeal to pity essay

Fallacyof an appeal to pity

Duringa general election in a certain country, a presidential candidate gotshot in the thigh in his campaign. The bullet is removed but he gotlaid in the hospital bed for the remaining two months of the campaignover which elections are to come immediately after the sixty days.Before the incident, a poll was conducted thrice, and he consistentlycame third, meaning he was less likely to win the elections. His nameappeared on the ballot papers but after voting, he took his initialposition just like in the polls.

Afterhis recovery, the survivor went to appeal in the court of law that heshould have won the elections on the basis that voters feltsympathetic for his situation and thus decided to console him throughvoting for him in. The argument might be correct but, the choice ofthe presidential candidate relied on the winner who cast many votes.Therefore, the appellant is very wrong in his argument to get thesympathetic votes from the appeal given to him.

Linedrawing fallacy

Inforensic medicine, rape is any non-consensual intercourse in whichthe victims have been threatened, or they cannot consent so suchacts, for instance, children or may be force was used to bring thevictim to the act (Joyner,2010).As a focus to this, in a normal society when such an assault isprovided to the ordinary individuals they would always ask for proof.Proving such acts is unsubstantial to be related to the cause of harmcaused to the fatalities. Despite the occurrences of such feloniousacts before and even now people still have stuck on the evidence tofind someone guilty.


Inflammablethe word means combustible and can also be used to refer tonon-flammable.

Fastused to mean firmly held or oppositely meant moving quickly.


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