Facts about Gun Control essay

Factsabout Gun Control

Gun control is a controversial topic that has elicited debate in theUnited States. Different opinions have been presented regarding thebest way to reduce the increase in deaths resulting frominappropriate gun use. Gun control refers to laws that regulate themanufacture, sale, transfer, possession and the use of firearms. Theregulations attempt to control the increase in crime activities andreduce the harmful effects of violence. Different countries havevaried laws that describe the use of guns among members of thepublic. The introduction of gun control policies is a response to theincrease in rate of mortality and injuries associated with weakerlaws on firearm use.

Purpose of the Paper

The primary objective is to highlight the need to have strict lawsthat control the use of guns amongst civilians. Recently, there hasbeen an increase in cases of gun violence. Despite the detrimentaleffects associated with the use of firearms, different states acrossthe United States have failed to come up with effective laws thatregulate the same. The paper aims to illustrate the significance ofimposing strict policies when it comes to the overall use offirearms. Sentiments presented in the article should serve toenlighten relevant policymakers on why the debate on gun controlshould be stopped and instead laws passed that regulate gun use.

Problem Statement

There has been an increase in death-related incidences resulting fromrandom shootings in different parts of the country. Cases ofteenagers in possession of firearms and using them against theirfellow colleagues in school have been reported. Mass shootings havebecome a common occurrence in the society with lives lost andinjuries caused by such deeds. The adverse effects arising frominappropriate gun control laws negates theneed to introduce stringent measures to address the problem.

Relationship between Gun Laws, Death, and Crimes

Key political figures have differed regarding the overall issue ofgun laws. President Obama has publicly declared his stance regardingthe matter of introducing strict gun laws. He observes that stateswith numerous gun laws witness few gun related deaths (Robertson).Contrary to the same, former Republican presidential candidate CarlyFiorina stated that stringent gun control laws had the effect ofencouraging crime. Because of the same, Fiorina argues the need notto impose strict laws as a way of decreasing cases of crime.Sentiments presented by President Obama are justified as supported bystatistics on firearm violence and mortality rates. Overall, statesthat had imposed strict measures regarding firearm use witnessed areduction in cases of gun violence. Crime rates have been on theincrease in states that have failed to impose laws that prohibit theuse of firearms.

Statistical Facts on Gun Control

Statistical figures on the issue of guns could guide the process ofimposing stringent measures regarding the issue of gun use. Accordingto statistics, there were roughly 300 million guns under theownership of civilians in the United States by the year 2010 (Agrestiand Smith). The number could have risen in the past five years owingto lenient laws dictating the use of firearms. Further, over sixteenthousand gun-related murders have been committed in the UnitedStates. Such statistics are a reflection of the adverse effectsarising from lack of efficient laws that regulate the use of firearmsamong the civilian population.

Gun Control and Safety of Children

Children have become victims of poor gun control policies. They areexposed to a significant amount of threat due to increasedmishandling of guns by civilians or their colleagues. Further, thosein school are not safe as some of their friends come to school withguns putting the health of their colleagues at risk. An example is anincident in Connecticut that left twenty children out of thetwenty-six who were victims of the shooting (Candiotti and Aarthun).The incident described as the “second deadliest” school shootingin the United States history is a reflection of the continueddetrimental effects associated with lack of appropriate regulatorygun laws. Gun safety is essential especially at school where childrenhave become victims of such activities (Durani). Some have access toguns and are at risk of using them to express their anger. In suchcircumstances, many are exposed to significant risk negating the needto have stringent regulations on firearm use.

Failure of Attempts to Curb Sale of Firearms

Efforts aimed at reducing irresponsible gun use have been directedtoward regulation of the sale of guns. The death of twenty-sixindividuals, twenty among them being children elicited debate on theneed to have strict rules that control the use of guns. A proposalincluded curbing the illegal sale of guns to the civilian population.The effect of the same was a legislation proposed by the Democratsthat entailed introducing a modest bill that could restrict illegalgun sales while increasing funding for the school-safety programs(WASHINGTON DC). Despite efforts aimed at controlling sale of guns,gun-related deaths and crimes continue to be witnessed furtherconfirming the inability of the legislative laws to efficientlycontrol the menace.

Presidential Debate on Gun Control Laws

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has publicly declaredhis support for gun control. He has pledged to make it easier forindividuals across the fifty states to carry a concealed firearm.Trump got the support of members of the National Rifle Association inhis decision to have civilians given free access to rifles.Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has reiterated herstance on efforts to eliminate the use of guns, in particular amongthe civilian population. She acknowledges the presence of too manyguns in the streets, homes and neighborhoods exposing many Americansto risk (Beckett and Siddiqui). The division between the two leadersis a reflection of the contradicting opinion regarding ways ofcurbing the harmful effects associated with the illegal gun use. Eachof the presidential candidates has vowed to further their agendaregarding how best to control the issue of firearm usage. It isessential to understand each leader’s perspective in controllinggun usage. Mainly, Donald Trump could be viewed as focusing more onempowering civilians to protect themselves from any attack. Clinton,on the other hand, is vouching for a change in the laws in responseto the increase in cases of gun violence. Of significance is the needto consider the repercussions associated with inefficient regulationson firearm use. Evidently, many lives have been lost, and more couldbe witnessed if rules are not passed to curb the same.

Way forward on Gun Control

Irresponsible gun use has resulted in many deaths in the society.Schoolchildren have been murdered and many civilians are exposed torisks of gun violence. Policymakers in the United States must come upwith ways through which regulations in place can control the use ofguns. The statistical figures regarding the number of deaths andthose in possession of firearms is a reflection of how much the issuehas gotten out of control. The legislative arm of government, workingwith relevant stakeholders must ensure that measures are introducedthat will serve to transform the manner in which guns are used.Leaders should collaborate to ensure that the high mortality ratesassociated with gun use are brought to a stop. Facts presentedregarding the issue of gun control should guide the leaders in comingup with steps to control gun use among the civilian population. Jointefforts must be applied to reduce the increase in cases ofgun-related murders and violence interrupting stability in thesociety (Lovee).


Gun control remains to be a crucial factor for purposes of enhancingpeace in the community. Firearm holders must exercise responsibilityregarding use of the guns. Incidences of children being in possessionof guns have been reported. Such is a reflection of the irresponsibleway in which civilians have been using the guns. Further, some havefailed to be in control of the firearms in their possession and endup using them to express their anger. Apart from the introduction ofstringent gun laws, individual responsibility should be employed toreduce the mortality rates associated with violence. Sanity must beexercised in debating on the issue of gun control.

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