Factors that Affect Chronic Illness essay

According to Turner and Kelly (2000), the emotional dimension ofchronic illness has the greatest impact on the patient. Modernmedicine has made it possible to prolong life in the wake of chronicillness, but a lot more needs to be done in regards to the emotionalimpact of these conditions. Based on these findings, social isolationand altered mobility are the factors that affect chronic illness andhave the greatest impact on the patient.

Social isolation would affect a 12-year old by impairing his abilityto make new friends. The factor would also affect his playtime withpeers and levels of interaction. Altered mobility would negativelyaffect the child’s ability to attend school regularly and moveabout in the household.

In contrast, social isolation will affect a 75-year old throughlimited interactions with her family or the nurses ininstitutionalized care. Communication with fellow senior citizens inthe care facility would also be minimal. Altered mobility wouldconfine the older patient to her bed for a better part of the daybecause she has few commitments to attend to.

The chronic illness trajectory of the 12-year old will need more carebecause he still has a lot to do in terms of schoolwork and sociallife. His plan of care will need to be more precise. On the otherhand, the plan of care for a 75-year old should not encompass a lotbecause they will stay at home or in hospital most of the time.

According to Healthypeople.gov, the health goal by 2020 is to improveaccess comprehensive quality healthcare services (Access to HealthServices, 2016). I feel this goal would improve care delivery,especially to patients suffering from chronic diseases. I wouldincorporate this goal in my day-to-day nursing by giving patients thebest care I possibly can deliver.


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