Factors of the society essay

In the current generation, media is one of the most influential factors of the society. Through the technological advancements such as the invention of the internet, television, mobiles phones and computers a typical individual could easily access the current news and also be entertained. The new form of media such as the internet access is providing much information about the current situation of every country in the world, every popular individual and is also providing television viewing as one of its services.

Media is every where and it is already a big part of our daily lives. In the past, media was a privilege for the society but now, it is a part of the main institutions affecting the society. Media have been influencing our lives—setting the standards of living, declaring what is right from wrong, and the likes. People within the society did not realize that media had slowly invaded the lives of the people. Women for example are very much occupied with the media’s influence of what a good woman could possibly be.

Men on the other hand, are also influenced regarding issues in politics and sports. Most values that we currently have are not created by the norms and traditions that used to be present within the society rather; it is the media who is honing the public. The new generations of youngsters are now being educated and are immediately influenced by the media. TV stations such as Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network have been setting the trends within the teen population of the United States.

The three channels have created a new lifestyle for every teenager. In someway these networks have formed a culture for these the new generation. Cartoon shows and television programs are now being imitated by the young television viewers most specially those that are younger in age. Different young actors and actresses that became popular were mostly emulated by these younger boys and girls which lead to the different characters and trends that these young people have within their own circle. As I have observed, television shows for children had been more mature.

Issues such as love and relationships had been brought to this younger generation in an earlier stage. In a television show like Hanna Montana, “boy-issues” –like others would say it becomes a major concern for the girls. Television shows as such creates a world just like it. Most students in elementary school and high school have also matured. As I have observed, most of these young people are acting a lot older than their age. Most of them dress older, and talk as if they are already twenty years old.

Although some might find such actions adorable, in reality, these children skip their childhood which will eventually lead to many problems in the society such as early pregnancy, drug addiction and the likes. (Ondix, ¶ 1) As an individual, I do suggest that the television networks must review that television shows that they are providing the younger generation. The values that these television programs show to these younger generations will be creating a different kind of society in the future.

Hopefully their generation will be much responsible and will be creating a better society unlike today. Values such as the importance of family and friends must be highlighted as well as the love for our country and the environment. Although most of these networks prioritize their profit, they must be responsible enough to think that their programs have the power to change the society of to damage it.

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