Facilitation Examples essay

You have provided a great example of how quickly corporate culture can change. It is interesting to note how different leadership styles may affect an organization. In fact, leadership is one of the essential factors on how to facilitate organizational change. We mean change in this aspect as a path for the development of an organization. These changes that may be faced by the organization can be a procedural or directing itself to new values and beliefs, which for your case, you have highlighted a change in the corporate culture of an organization.

It is commendable that you have highlighted the in the change in corporate culture on the advancement of learning opportunities for the employees of the company. It is true that most companies nowadays value knowledge for organizational development in order to sustain themselves in the tough competition in the global arena. In the world of business, it is important that the latest knowledge is acquire can be translated into action. A learning culture can also be seen as a culture of inquiry, where in knowledge are not only spoon-fed to the employees but also establishing that attitude of the employees that yearns to learn more.

The culture can be further more be enhanced if the values itself would comes from the employees themselves. It would also be best if you can take a look on the intricate process on how this organizational culture has been changed. Change is also considered as a slow process and there are tendencies on which the employees themselves would resist. Aside from the leadership factor, how would the top management motivate the employees to imbibe such learning culture? It is also best if you consolidate the ideas on how long the company will yield the benefits of their organizational change.

These points will help you summarize later on if the proposed organizational change is worth it for the company to pursue. Hello, John, I agree. Even when aspects or elements of our cost to provide our product or service have increases, passing them on is not always possible. I hear from you that in order to maintain the quality of our services, costs will always be inherent and it is not our company’s option that we will compromise the delivery and quality of the products that we sell.

I understand the prices of our inputs are continually rising; however, we also need to address this one so our company will also survive financially. Quality and price are the factors that need to be balanced in a business. However, the business must remain to be customer-driven in order to maintain its volume of sales and revenues. The delivery of our products and services must not fall short of the expectations of the customers that we have. Especially for the customers who have been loyal to the company, the quality of the products that we sell must not be deteriorated.

The present economy also gives a consequence to our production line, it is important that a review on all company aspects should be made to combat this situation. It would also be best to know what other additional services that we can offer our customers albeit the current increases in costs and other inputs. In this way, the company can maintain a good relationship with customers despite the price increase in our products and services. To also further think about the matter, you can also examine avenues where we can increase efficiency in production so that the costs that we are incurring can be offset.

We can opt for a faster service delivery or production of more outputs. To consolidate the factors which affect our production line, it will be best to summarize a report on how the company could adjust its procedures and policies given the change in the business environment where it is moving. Class, Today, more and more companies are choosing to pay for their employees to go back to school. The companies that choose this option want their employees to grow as individuals and become well-rounded.

Many feel that a more educated employee is a more valuable employee. An employee’s development is a very crucial factor on his job satisfaction in the company. When an employee is given an opportunity for his personal development, it will be one of the factors that will maintain him in the company. This topic is a very crucial issue in the companies nowadays. The learning culture among organizations is slowly developing so it would develop more competitive employees that would drive the company into success in the global arena.

Internally, according to the Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory in organizational behavior, it is not only pay and benefits that would keep the employee focused in his work, but also on the opportunities that are given to him (Newstrom and Davis, 1989). Opportunities for personal development are factors that affect his job maintenance. These job maintenance factors should complement the factors that sustain him in his job (ex. salary). However, the class should think about how to give this opportunity for learning among employees in a fair way.

It would be also beneficial to the company to set guidelines on how employees can be able to acquire such opportunity. In this way, the company’s guidelines will also set as a motivational factor among employees to maintain their productivity and performance to reach such learning opportunity. You can discuss among yourselves, in small groups on the means to distribute these opportunities and set your own guidelines on how an employee can be qualified for a company scholarship in an educational institution.

References Davis, K. , & Newstrom, J. W. (1989). Human Behavior at Work. Dubuque, Iowa: Mcgraw-Hill Inc. ,Us.