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Withthe emergence of technology in social media, there has been atransformational change in how people perceive these platforms(Bodnar &amp Cohen, 2012). Their roles which were rather passive inthe past, have today become active, and we live in a world where theydominate our society. We have seen the rise of Twitter, Pin interest,and among many others (Bodnar &amp Cohen, 2012). Their usehas become part of the social activities of many, such that theycannot escape the eyes of the academic scholars, as they try to seekhow their emergence have influenced human behavior(Ryan, Chester,Reece, &amp Xenos, 2014). My research will concentrate on ,which has been on the controversial news about its roles in thesociety, having in mind that it allows people to interact and postanything without being monitored. Some people view asharmful, as it sometimes propagates immoral activities when peoplepost adult content which might be seen by a broad range of audience(Ryan et al., 2014). We have also seen the positive side has been used by organizations to market their ideas, products,services, sensitize the world about anything and also socialization(Ryan et al., 2014). Thus, is by far friendly, and it hasproven to be helpful in the society today.



Tobegin with, has been a very influential tool in marketingand many organizations have adopted it as a platform forcommercialization (Bodnar &amp Cohen, 2012). Organizations haverealized that many of their consumers are users of social media, andwith the intention to capture that market, they have developed pages where they interact (MX Publishing). Organizations nowcarry out their surveys easily, which were manually carried out at aclick of a button they can get the customers responses and theirsatisfaction levels. has reduced those costs that wereassociated with market surveys of how a product performs, especiallythose that are made for the youth. Also, has provedessential in informing masses on the launch of a particular product(Bodnar &amp Cohen, 2012). Thus, it is being used to spread a lot ofinformation at a cheaper cost compared to other media platforms.Also, sales promotions have been made successful through .With Sales increase, they achieve their targets on the other hand,customers are happy as they receive a quality product at a lowerprice (Bodnar &amp Cohen, 2012). Furthermore, has been avenue where organization sells their image and brand (Bodnar &ampCohen, 2012). It was expensive when you had to use a particular TVstation or cable network. But has removed the barrier as itis a multinational platform, where an organization in Qatar can selltheir brand image and someone in Texas would receive the same messagesame as a person in Ukraine without an additional penny irrespectiveof the time when the message was seen. Previously to reach the twogroups of people, you had to use a cable network, that is accessibleto the population and this would mean, more than five advertisingchannels. Indeed, has proven cost friendly to the businesssociety.

and Nongovernmental Organization


Secondly,the users of are not restricted to a business organizationonly. Non-profitable organizations, such as political parties, lobbygroups, youth programs, health organizations, and even schools havetapped the benefits of (Hansson, Wrangmo, A., &amp Soilen,2013). Those that sensitize the youth against drug abuse and immoralbehaviors have found this platform very useful. users aremainly the youth, and how best can you reach them except in theirbackyard, which today, is . Hospitals also use it, when theyneed to sensitize people against a particular lifestyle it hasproven to be the best channel. On the other hand, political groups donot undermine the power that has in creating awareness andinteracting with people (Hansson et al., 2013). has beenused as a platform where campaigners use their resources to reachpeople and communicate their agendas and opinions, rallying theirsupporters behind them. Also, lobby groups have used and continue touse to lobby their ideas and get the attention of either thegovernment or the people they intend to target (WNYT News Channel,2014). New York Nurses Association has recently lobbied for the nursestaffing bill through , which expected to marshal both theCongress and the people of New York behind them (WNYT News Channel,2014). It has proven a quite friendly platform for this organization,where with a comment and click they reach their audience.

as a Social Media

TheBridge between People

Lastly, has proven to be a magnificent friend to the ordinary user.It is a place where people socialize and share their experience(Ryan, et al., 2014). Great friends are being made on people are getting job adverts through . hasbreached that gap where distance was an issue you can chat throughWebcams and even use it for education purpose. People are using it asa mail service provider (Ryan et al., 2014). Families separated bydistance feel connected through , as they can take picturesand share them with their families on it. It bridges that gap thatexists between people, thus brings them closer and strengthens theirbond.


Thus,there is no doubt that the world needs today, and itscontribution to businesses, non-governmental organization, andpeople’s lives is undeniably exceptional. cuts across thedistance, reduces cost, and is slowly being adopted by individuals intheir forties. Thus, it is becoming an excellent platform whereorganization and individual can reap the benefits of its utilization.


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