Extreme passion for cars essay

My extreme passion for cars is what motivates me to incorporate it with my studies. Today I will try to write and describe to you this hobby of mine. At the same time, I will include an evaluation of cars which I have always dreamed to have. Last but not least, I will carefully assess the car that I already have, which is Honda S2000. Four years ago I have fallen for what is technically referred to as “2003 Ferrari Enzo”. Enzo is actually a twelve-cylinder Ferrari which was created in 2003 utilizing a technology known as Formula One (Ferrari..

, 2001). Furthermore, the aforementioned technology is composed of: 1) brake discs that are carbon-ceramic; 2) sequential shift transmission which carries an F1-style; and 3) a body that’s carbon-fiber (Ferrari.. , 2001). Moreover, its engine known as V12 is actually the pioneer for the new generation of Ferrari, which came from V8’s architecture of their sister company (Ferrari.. , 2001). In addition, when it comes to its transmission, it is a 6-speed automated manual which comes with paddles (Ferrari.. , 2001).

The aforementioned is accountable for the mechanisms in shifting, as well as, its automated clutch (Ferrari.. , 2001). Also, its steering wheel has LED lights warning the one behind the wheel when the proper moment to change gears will be (Ferrari.. , 2001). When performance is asked about, Enzo can go as fast as one hundred kilometers in just three seconds and can reach one hundred miles per hour in just six seconds (Ferrari.. , 2001). For those who experienced test driving this baby, they claimed that it can go up to two hundred twenty five miles per hour (Ferrari..

, 2001). Also, for your reference, its base price as of February 21, 2007 is approximately $1,000,000 (Ferrari.. , 2001). Aside from the Enzo Ferrari, my all-time favorites include the following: Saleen S7 Sports Car, 2003 Porsche 911 GT2, 2000 BMW Z8, and 2003 Jaguar XKR. From the latest releases though, I have fallen slightly in love with the following: 2006 Ferrari P4, Tesla Roadster Electric Sports Car, Porsche 911 Targa, 2007 Saturn Sky Red Line, 2007 Audi TT Coupe, Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, and last but not least 2007 BMW M6 convertible.

While I am still trying to earn and save for the aforementioned extremely delightful and luxurious cars, in the meantime, I bought for myself a roadster from the Honda Motor Company. It is technically referred to as the Honda S2000, simply because of its engine displacement of about 2000 cc, the S, on the other hand, signifies roadsters which are lightweight (Honda, 2007). It is also a sign that their tradition is being continued since S2000 has been preceded by S500, S600, as well as, S800 (Honda, 2007). I am extremely proud that what I’m driving around received several awards including: 1) 2004 and 2006 highest-ranked model in the J.

D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study “Premium Sports Car”; 2) included in the 2000 and 2001 top 10 list of Ward’s Best Engines; 3) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 International Engine of the Year in the 1. 8-2 liter category; 4) 2000, 2002, and 2004 Car and Driver’s Ten Best List; and last but not least 5) Number 1 in the 2004 and 2005 BBC Top Gear Survey (Honda, 2007). 2007 S2000’s handling, speed, as well as, stunning lines brings about extreme pleasure when driving. I have never really seen a car wherein you will be hooked in just one test drive.

The immense power and smooth engine makes you feel like you are already driving the Mercedes-Benz SLK or the Porsche Boxster or the BMW Z3 3. 0. Though I have noticed some cons including: 1) a bit noisy; 2) sudden over-steer; 3) incapability of disabling passenger airbag; as well as; 4) cargo room, there are more pros to it which are highly perceptible as well, for instance, its driving position, control feedback, high RPM power, and last but not least its responsiveness (Honda, 2007). That’s why I love going around town with my car on its top speed.

Imagine an inconceivable and far-fetched two hundred and forty horsepower coming from two liters, and take note, without a supercharger or a turbo, which has been made possible by first-rate and good quality breathing at 8300 RPM (Honda, 2007). Furthermore, Honda S2000 is satisfyingly active or full of life; I mean its engine is not at all weak, unlike others which typically toss you back into your seat before the kicking in of those which are technically referred to as secondary lobes (Honda, 2007). In fact, its equilibrium and poise makes going around or driving all over town much more joyful.

Moreover, the shifter is really breathtaking, I must say it’s the best I have experienced so far since the throws are exceedingly diminutive and that it never balks going into a gear or so, meaning only a reasonable amount of exertion is necessitated. In addition to that, the feedback is admirable and exceptional; I didn’t have to steer with great effort since it responds very quickly to every input (Honda, 2007). I can’t also help but notice that I do not have to relentlessly make needless adjustments because of its speedy response.

I highly appreciate how the Honda S2000 tracks very well. I also appreciate that this 2007 Honda S2000 sporty or performance car is reasonably priced at $34,250 (Honda, 2007). The first time I drove this I was on my way to school and I really fell in love with its handling. It is so good that I actually felt attached to the performance of the chassis. It simply encouraged my self-belief, coolness, and poise since it speedily and inevitably acts in response to the steering and throttle inputs. I have yet to discover several things about the performance of my new Honda S2000.

Driving on dry pavement, I have experienced that an over steering may bring about kicking the tail out; I thought the car would actually spin and get crazy. I am completely aware that no electronics or stability control system may save me unlike BMWs; however, overall I love this car and highly satisfied driving this pure sports car around. Simply put, the Honda S2000 is a blast!


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