Extra Credit Film Review essay

ExtraCredit Film Review

Set in 1980’s Britain, ‘Son of Rambow’ [ CITATION Jen07 l 1033 ]follows a quiet, shy boy by the name Will Proudfoot. His family isstaunchly religious and is affiliated to the authoritarian PlymouthBrethren Church. This religious link prohibited him from watchingtelevision or movies. At one instance, he is forced to leave classwhen the teacher puts on an educational documentary. It is in thisinstance where he meets Lee Cater in the school corridor. Lee himselfhad just been thrown-out of another class for misbehavior. These twoboys are complete opposites where Will has reserved character whilstLee is hardcore and the school’s unofficial bully. They howeverbecome friends instantly after breaking a fish bowl in the school’scorridor but Lee offers to take full blame. He however demands thatWill takes part as a stunt man in a home-made action film Lee ismaking intended for the Screen-Test Young Film-Makers Competition.

The film’s inspiration is ‘Rambo: First Blood’, which Will getsto watch at Lee’s house. Will accepts the role after his largelyvirgin perception was invigorated by the iconic thriller that wasbeyond his wildest dreams. As a result, he plays a number of scenesin Lee’s film bringing the two young boys ever closer together.Their stunts are wild involving crazy stunts and dedicated schemesthat filled the film with non-stop thrills. Will, however, maintainsthis endeavor as a secret from his family considering their beliefsand religious affiliation. Arrival of Didier Revol, a cool Frenchexchange student, at the school, nevertheless, changes the playingfield. Will and Lee’s friendship in film is pushed tobreaking-point due to friction between the two. Ultimately, the filmis late for submission and does not make the competition but iseventually shown before an audience in a cinema. The two boys aresubsequently re-united. Will’s family finally becomes aware of hisactivities and offer their support, leaving the Brethren Church inthe process.

Children in society, particularly boys, are in most cases termedproblematic by their parents, relatives, and other older individuals.This is mainly due to their natural adventurous spirit and eagernessfor physical action. Thrilling acts such as fighting, getting intotrouble, and causing damage on property or people are in most casesenchanting for them. In the film, the movie: First Blood caught theboy’s attention. They subsequently attempted to re-enact the scenesand stunts they witness through the TV screen. These acts would bedeemed dangerous by most adults considering their imagination andbeliefs that are limited to a great extent. Children, however, haveunlimited imaginations and fantasies that they are willing to achieveif they are given the freedom.

Adults limit this freedom thus subduing their parameters. Willfamily’s religious affiliation to the Brethren Church limits theirthreshold. He is restricted from watching films and TV generallyleaving his fantasies unexposed. This is, however, overturned by hisfriendship to Lee that exposes him to a world he had nevercomprehended before. He goes further to play an active role in a filmof similar stature. He hides it from his family since he was surethey would be in disapproval. This between parents and their childrenin essence does more harm than good. Ideally, parents should allowtheir children to exercise their imagination albeit playing an activerole in overseeing their deeds. Limiting children only raises theircuriosity and will eventually engage in prohibited activities behindtheir parent’s back.


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