Exploring Microsoft essay



True/ False Questions

  1. The Ribbon changes commands and options to meet your needs as you work in a document.



  1. All computer files are saved in folders.



  1. You can open multiple applications, but you can view only one application at a time.



  1. To maximize the screen space for your document, you can minimize the Ribbon.



  1. As you scroll through a document, the location of the insertion point also moves.



MultipleChoice Questions

  1. A Shortcut Menu is a list of commonly performed commands from the current window.

    1. ScreenTip

    2. Jump List

    3. Shortcut menu

    4. none of the above

  2. The application window is the main window that serves as the primary interface between the user and the application.

    1. Application window

    2. document window

    3. desktop

    4. Start screen

  3. The Access Office application you would use to organize, manipulate, and analyze information such as addresses and inventory data is.

    1. Access

    2. Excel

    3. Outlook

    4. Word

  4. The Insertion Point is a blinking vertical line that indicates the location in the document where the new text and data will be entered.

    1. Insertion point

    2. I-beam

    3. cursor

    4. A or C

  5. Filenames cannot include the character

    1. /

    2. ?

    3. *

    4. all of the above

FillIn the Blank

  1. Backstage view provides quick access to common tasks for managing documents, such as saving, opening, and printing.

  2. A File Extension identifies the type of file and is automatically added to the filename when the document is saved.

  3. The Path is the route the operating system uses to locate a document.

  4. A ScreenTip is a small window with descriptive text that appears when you position the mouse pointer over a command or control in the application window.

  5. A button for each open application appears on the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

  6. To hide the application window without exiting the application, click the Minimize button in the upper-right corner of the window.

  7. A Jump List is a collection of links that provides quick access to files and data.

  8. A folder stored within another folder is referred to as a Subfolder.

  9. File compatibility is the ability to open and work with files without a format conflict.

  10. To save the document in a new location with a new filename, use the Save As command in backstage view.


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