Exploitation of Women in Hip Hop essay

Hip Hop culture has in many occasions been condemned for its misogynistic abuse of women. Most of the lyrics and videos portray women as sexual objects. In the videos you will see several half naked women surrounding one male rapper seductively and in a provocative manner dancing to the rhythm. A closer look at the videos that are being produced today will clearly tell you that hip hop artists have used the women as their selling tools, to them sex sells and have to utilize every opportunity to promote their music. In this case women become the victims; they dance in front of the cameras which mostly focus on their body parts.

These nude scenes go along with a lot of explicit lyrics which in most cases   include name calling suggesting that women are objects which can be used and done away with anytime. They are described as lot that is only good for sexual fantasies with men who have money and can afford good life making their women happy.

To show the extreme cases of exploitation of women by hip hop culture I will use one of popular rappers Ludacris, in his song and video titled Pimping all over the world; women are portrayed as possessions just like the fancy cars. The singer clearly shows that women are only good for sex and after he is through with one discarding is the next option. The lyrics to this song just show the harsh reality of how hip hop has placed women especially the African American as people who have no power in the society.

Women exploitation in the hip hop has become accepted in the society which is largely capitalistic and where sex is glorified. To some women it has become part of their life, being used to demean their gender either for fame or for the money. This trend will continue to grow as long as the American society embraces this degradation of the important people in the society.