Expectations of an assignment essay

This assignment has been designed to help you understand the value of three important dynamics of professional development – communication skills, time management and organization in order to become responsible and successful professionals in your chosen career. You should research and outline the importance of these three concepts in an essay of 700 – 1050 words. The essay would be marked on the following criteria: Comprehensiveness, accuracy and persuasiveness Clear central theme Explanation of theory with appropriate examples, with use of subject specific terminologies

Logical organization of ideas Powerful introduction and logical conclusion Subject specific tone of writing Clear and concise formation of sentences and paragraphs Adherence to APA guidelines in the title page, headings, tables, appendices and reference page Use of correct spellings and grammar throughout the essay Submission within the deadline


Professional Development Text, pp. 10 – 15 while preparing this essay. You can also use 2 additional sources. Post it by Day 7 [Individual] forum in the form of an attachment to profabc@xyzuniversity. edu. org Total marks: 100