Executive information systems essay

Information Systems deals with the application of people, technologies and procedures to solve business problems. Management information systems are different from the normal is in the sense that they are applied in analyzing other is used in operational activities of the organization. In academics, the term usually refers to a group information management methods associated with the automation and decision making of humans for example, expert systems, decision support system , executive information systems.

In management information system data is carefully and systematically collected, stored and disseminated in the form of information required to perform roles of management. Allan Taylor, Stephen Farrell. (1994). The Zara has made of use of IS and to advance in many areas. This has resulted in huge success for the company. This included application of Business intelligence (BI) involves technologies, practices for collection, integration and applications to analyze and present business information. The main aim of business intelligence is to promote better business decision making.

BI describes a group of information on concepts and methods to better decision making in business. This is achieved by employing a fact based support systems. The intelligence systems are data-driven and sometimes used in executive information systems. Predictive views on business operations can be provided by use of BI systems. predictive views on business operations can be provided by use of BI systems since historical and current data has been gathered into a data bank performance management benchmarking is done whereby information on other companies in the same industry is gathered. Andrew McAfee. (2006).

Since the Zara’s have large network and therefore dealing with large volumes of data, an enterprise information system has been employed in the firm. This is generally a type of computing systems that involves an enterprise class that is, typically offering total quality service handling large volumes of data and able to sustain a big organization. With this system, a technology platform is provided which enables the enterprise is provided to that information can be shared in all useful levels of management enterprise systems are important in Aremoving the problem of fragmentation of information.

This happens when there are numerous information systems in an enterprise. The problem is solved by developing a standard data structure. www. computerweekly. com The Zara being a big organization, the enterprise systems is housed in many different data centers, and includes content management system as the main application. The Zara team comprises technology professionals. These include content specialists, network and system engineers, flash developers, database business analysts and administrators, software developers, quality assurance managers and computer and applications support technicians.

All these specialists work in tandem to bring about competitive advantage to business by allowing for quick-response capability. Blaise Cronin (1992) The Zara is devoted to integrating information technology appropriately into all areas of its operations and activities. The range of services and resources available to its clients is attributed to the commitment of integration of IT properly in the organization. The client services group in the Zara partners with staff and clients to identify and meet each group’s technological requirements.

This group of technical advisors associates with departments to execute a roadmap for a team’s technological vision and then defines this vision within entity projects. Blaise Cronin (1992) Much support is required for invariable innovation. The Zara IT group is devoted to developing community through technology and operates closely with business associates. The IT group is devoted to developing community through technology and operates closely with business associates.

The IT group has technical support and tools they require to come up with new ideas and spread the ideas to the wider community worldwide. This ensures that client needs are realized. A constantly growing state-of-the-art technology infrastructure has enabled the firm to develop and maintain a fully integrated organization/ enterprise. The infrastructure has enabled the firm to develop and maintain a fully integrated organization/ enterprise. The infrastructure entails a core of systems and attempts designed to produce the flexibility and capacity for innovation and growth.

Blaise Cronin (1992) The Zara thrives in an environment of change, experimentation and learning that is spreading over the boundaries for the application of IT in their business in the enterprises an easy-to-use modular tools, templates and platforms that involve all sides of life at the Zara firms including career development , administration and operations are implemented and developed. In the Zara other web-based solutions are deployed with an advance knowledge management thereby making a big shift in the quality and speed of work in how the enterprises function.

In the exploding growth of the software market a new world growth for the software market a new world of connectivity is realized in the Zara. The urgency of the business recognizing the importance of corporate portal has enabled linkage of information, data, people and knowledge to provide business solutions. The corporate portals come from consumer portals like Alta-vista, yahoo! and Lycos. The portals (gateways) show the importance of letting clients have a wide scope of varied information on the web.

This has given rise to the increase in multitasking, receiving information and checking from varied sources and thereby getting involved in projects that cross geographical boundaries with this technology the needs of the community, employees and even the extended network that is more advanced are served. The Zara is possibly the most devastating and innovative retailer in the world. With more than 1000 shops world wide, the Zara has turned controlled over garment factories into a competitive advantage by making and designing the garments.

By making the garments itself, it can quickly react to varying market trends. The Zara has been able to succeed in building a massive brand, without promotion or advertising but through the information systems and information technology. Recommendations Electronic gift vouchers should be introduced. The credit cards should be fitted with a micro computer chip which will debit the value for sale when pilfered, leaving on the card any remainder. The data should be updated to reduce the tendency of supply chains and all open-loop information systems to increase small hinderances.

The IT services should be expanded to provide a comprehensive promotion of development for information and communications technology for the enterprise. The services are to be delivered to meet the needs of the clients. The ICT services should implement the I CT plan for important business systems. Other business applications such as financial management systems should be developed due to the growing numbers of users accessing electronic mail. A new and easy to use computer policy is to be provided and thereby make new radical improvements to the website of the Zara.

The council’s ICT strategy has to be implemented for the whole enterprise. A major evaluation of ICT strategy should be conducted to pave way for a new strategy for a further 4 to 7 years. There is also need for development of an IT program. The program will stand as an assessment to the resources of the IT staff that are to sustain the current systems and to implement and develop newer systems. Resources should be allocated to carry on the ICT strategy and improve important business applications by use of more advanced soft wares in the enterprise.

www. 123helpine. com The information technology should be innovated for bigger success to be realized. The growing expectations for transparency should make the Zara look into more technology that is adaptable to the clients the organization should make use of I. T and client acceptance technologies. Here the I. T infrastructure should be modernized, to meet the competitive world.

Categorizing the information technology in this manner will assist the stakeholders in identifying the technologies to invest in. www. hbswk. hbs.edu I. T experts should conduct literary reviews for different countries to gain information about the framework upon which good strategies are formulated for the betterment of the enterprise. A central organization of information technology is required for proactive resolutions to encourage wide use of information technology. For example Network IT should be made use of. This should include capabilities like instant messaging, and blogs and helps people communicate with one another. Ray Prytherch & Aldershot: Gower, (1993).

Enterprise IT should be introduced to bring about supply chain management and customer resource management to let companies to re-build interactions between business partners and groups of workers in the Zara. Ray Prytherch & Aldershot: Gower, (1993). Concepts of operations need to be classified to increase efficiency, quality and effectiveness of funding of IT processes. The stake-holders, should be educated on the value of advancing IT to facilitate the stakeholder buy-in. Diverse types of technology bring about different forms of organizational change, and the managers should style their own responsibilities accordingly.

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