Examining our Assumptions and Perceptions essay

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I view classism to emanate from beliefs and traditional attitudesthat groups people according to their economic levels, job status,family lineage, educational level and other criteria. Therefore,avoiding the perpetuation of classism means a change in the beliefsand actions that intercept the philosophies that lead to the creationof such classes. First, an important idea is to accept the fact thatat any point in our life, it is impossible to have all the people atthe same level regarding the economic status or any other factor.This will follow with an acknowledgment of this fact and consider itas a normal phenomenon that describes the nature of the world. Thiswill promote a positive feeling that will eliminate the idea ofviewing people of different status uniquely that eliminates the urgefor exhibiting classism.

The other way is the consideration of the adverse effects of classismto the individual that is of low status that influences theacceptance that classism is an undesirable social evil that does notmatch the contemporary society. This will promote strict adherence toethical conduct that will see the elimination of classism to promoteunity, love and harmony. In this regard, important values such asrespect, honor, trust, truth, and honesty will help to act as abarrier towards the perpetuation of classism.

Finally, preaching equality of humankind regardless of the numerousvariations that exist in our social, economic, historical andpolitical lives is an essential weapon against classism that will seethe elimination of all feelings and acts that promote classism in thesociety. To my view, once every individual accepts the idea that allhumans are equal, it will be difficult for the society to considerthe differences that exist in the society uniquely, which isresponsible for the perpetuation of classism.