Evolution of US Intelligence essay

In 200-300 words, elaborate on the broad patterns and constraints on the evolution of US intelligence from the 1700s to the present. From the time of the Revolutionary War, General George Washington was an enthusiastic consumer of intelligence including a consummate practitioner of the intelligence expertise.

Reports illustrate that soon after taking authority of the Continental Army in 1775, Washington compensated an anonymous agent to live in Boston and secretly report by use of “secret correspondence” on the activities of British army. However, the Bureau of Military Intelligence was made defunct at the end of the war. A spin-off of its termination was the Secret Service, which was institutionalized in 1865 to fight counterfeiting (“Intelligence-Led Policing in the United States”).

In the year 1916, the Bureau had developed from 34 agents who focused principally on banking problems to 300 agents with a lengthened charter that incorporated domestic security, Mexican boundary smuggling actions, impartiality violations in the Mexican revolt, and Central American turbulence (“Intelligence-Led Policing in the United States”). Following the war in Europe, but prior the United States attached the Allied foundation; the Bureau twisted its concentration to actions of German and British nationals within our boundaries.

In September 1945, while the deliberations sustained, President Truman, performing on a suggestion from his Budget Director, dissolved the OSS by Executive Order and separated its functions between the War and State Departments (“Intelligence-Led Policing in the United States”). State established the research and investigation function, integrating it with the accessible investigative office to outline the Interim Research and Intelligence Service (IRIS).

The War Department shaped the Strategic Services Unit (SSU) out of the concealed side of the OSS (“Intelligence-Led Policing in the United States”). From then on up to the present, the domestic intelligence is conducted by the FBI, the foreign intelligence is run by the CIA, and the military is still a strong organization.


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