How to Introduce Evidence in an Essay Appropriately

One of the most important elements of any academic paper is the evidence. However, some folks use it inappropriately. Accordingly, you should learn how to introduce evidence in an essay. Otherwise, all your efforts will be done in vain.

Firstly, you should set up the evidence in the beginning of the paragraph. Of course, the evidence ought to be used in the main plot. The introductory section serves only for general concepts. The evidence is used afterward to strengthen your main purpose.

The evidence tells the reader what you wish to discuss and the way you want to support your main argument. The setup of the evidence may be finished in 1-2 sentences. That is some sort of launching.

The evidence in essay writing is logically connected with the thesis statement. You cannot implement facts, which have no relation to your topic. It’s likewise forbidden to implement a distant relation. Your facts must fully reflect your central idea.

What Is Evidence in an Essay and Its Importance?

So, what is evidence in an essay? That is the direct support of your thesis statement. You cannot simply make a claim about certain things and tell that your opinion is correct. You are supposed to prove that your theory is the right one. It can be done through the use of the real facts.

  • Prior to introducing evidence in an essay, you should be entirely sure that it can be trusted. Always verify the data you gather. Some “expert” thoughts of different bloggers have no relation to the official facts.
  • Therefore, you should find out which information sources can be trusted. Ask your academic supervisor, friends, peer-students, etc.
  • Finally, you may surf the Internet and use keywords to find the trustworthy data. For example, if you look for technology evidence, seek “trustworthy websites about technology.”

In the event, you have a narrower search direction, use it. Thus, you’ll find the required feedback much faster.

How to Use Evidence in an Essay Correctly and Easily

Many students are anxious concerning the matter of how to use evidence in an essay. Begin with a simple approach. Your proof should appear in the quote you are going to use to support your arguments. Launch it at the beginning. It may sound like this “In accordance with the data…”, “The statistic shows…”, “The research revealed…” Mind that it’s needed to put a comma after such constructions.

Launch the evidence through a claim. It is supposed to be brief and informative. Use plain words without any unknown or complicated terms. Use the general lexicon. It may appear like this “The survey shows that approximately 80% of smokers suffer from lung cancer throughout the globe.”

You ought to support evidence in an essay. After you introduce a piece of information, you should develop it. You cannot simply mention some facts without giving additional data. Thus, you’ll smoothly work it into the text in larger amounts. Nonetheless, don’t overdo. The long-winded parts are confusing and ineffective.

It’s necessary to mention the author’s name, as well as the title of his/her article/book. Of course, these facts should be used in accordance with the assigned writing format.

Don’t forget to explain evidence in an essay. Define the way your argument is supported. You should reveal the significance of the facts used in your project. Your readers should plainly realize your methods. Make sure they understand where your own opinion is and where you use informative sources.

Identify how your evidence addresses the theme. Put control questions. If the answers are associated with the main topic and fully reflect it, then you have done everything correctly. Under the condition, the control questions didn’t bring the expected result you should alter the way you introduce your evidence. As you can see, this matter is important and very difficult.

At the end of your explanations, you are expected to make a smooth conversion to the conclusion. That is the defining chapter of the whole research. It likewise contains the main outcomes of the evidence you’ve used. Mention the significance of your research and interpret the outcomes.

Evidence Essay Outline: General Example

If you struggle with the creation of your outline, we’ll resolve this issue. There is a pretty simple sample of an outline, which will help you to organize your thoughts. Your evidence essay outline should look like this:

  • Focus question;
  • Thesis statement;
  • Evidence #1,2,3;
  • Conclusion statement.

It’s necessary to mention a general idea concerning your paper. Afterward, implement the thesis. Here goes the evidence block. Commonly, students write 5-paragraph assignments. Accordingly, the main plot contains three paragraphs. Use 3 points for every paragraph. Don’t mix them. Discuss one point at a time. In the end, conclude the results obtained with the help of the facts you used.