Evidence Based Research Mentorship Programs To Support New Nurses essay

EvidenceBased Research: Mentorship Programs To Support New Nurses

EvidenceBased Research: Mentorship Programs To Support New Nurses

Dueto the challenges (physical, mental, and emotional strain) that newlyregistered nurses undergo, the mentoring program has proved to be auseful methodology to ensure their career development (Macke, 2011).

Currentadvancement in technology and innovation is responsible for theremarkable changes significantly improving traditional health-care.As a result, nurses face the responsibility of performing theirduties with extreme care, accuracy, and timeliness to ascertain thehighest standards of quality possible. Motivating the nurses toparticipate in the quality improvement programs is essential to thesuccess of such programs. As a leader, it is my role to influencenurses off all ages and generations of the importance of mentorshipprograms to gain their support and participation.


Identifyingand selecting nurses to champion mentorship programs will helpmobilize the rest of the masses to get involved with the trendingprograms (Macke, 2011). According to Macke’s research, championsoffer more realistic and sustainable improvement than academicallyqualified personnel by empowering the rest of the staff.


Macke(2011) suggests that communication is imperative in determining therate and course of any project in a health institution. Hospitalsthat actively engaged the staff in timely and useful feedbackincrease the pace of quality improvement according to theirstrategies.


Encouragingthe new nurses towards acquiring ownership and accountability fortheir role in the sector is extremely useful in their enculturation.As they develop a sense of belonging and comfort, they developpositive attitudes and the values crucial to their success in theindustry. They are also able to share the goals of the institutionwhile merging with their own. I will focus my effort on re-definingthe job description details and performance evaluation plans toinclude mentorship roles.


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