Evidence-Based Practice essay



There are two methods for determining bias. These are theidentification and classification of relevant articles, as well asdata extraction. For the first method, the researcher uses a certainnumber of meta-analyses of individual published papers within aspecific period (Ikhlaaq, Alexander &amp Richard, 2012). The firststep is to review systematically the articles published in popularjournals. The next step is a review of the database to using arandomized control approach. The aim of choosing articles from aspecific period is to establish whether or not the intervention iseffective. As for data extraction, the researcher picks the articlesindividually and uses some guidelines to determine instances of bias.For this particular activity, the main guidelines shall bedetermining whether the authors sought to obtain grey literaturetrials, and if the publishers considered the article as a potentialbias in the primary meta-analysis of the publication database.


Whilemaking a decision whether to include qualitative or quantitativeresearch studies for evidence-based decision making, the major focusis the contribution of this resources to the establishment of thestudy objectives (Keers et al., 2013). The researcher considers theresource that will help him or her to combine clinical expertise withpatient outcomes. As such, the rationale is to come up with adecision that echoes the conscious and judicial evaluation nature ofevidence-based studies, with a common focus on the value of thehealthcare decisions that will crop out of the evidence-basedactivity. As well, the researcher considers the kind of resource thatwill bear the most applicable outcomes that reflect the expertopinion and scientific principles. Moreover, the rationale ischoosing the best resource that supports the conceptual framework ofthe evidence-based decision-making process, as well as clinicaloutcomes that go in line with the activity’s objectives.


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