Evaluation of Delivery Strengths and Weaknesses essay

Delivering a speech is one of the most exciting things to do. Although, there are so many people are so afraid to talk in front of many people, there are a few people that have innate talent in public speaking. Being eloquence comes naturally and conveying a message is a good performance. In this paper, I am faced with the question on how I would evaluate my delivery strengths and weaknesses. Based on my experiences and the gauge other people had given, I can specifically point out an evaluation of my delivery strength and weaknesses.

Based on the book of Wallenchinsky, Wallace and Wallace entitled “The People’s Almanac Book of Lists”, I learned that I am not really that a good speaker. There are things that I need to practice and develop like being eloquent, confident, and poised (Wallenchinsky, Wallace and Wallace, 2008). Sometimes when I speak in front of my peers, my voice trembles that I why I decided to improve the speaking skills and fight “stage fright”.

In order to improve these weaknesses, I need to list all the qualities that a good speaker and then develop those things that I listed in myself. I need also to identify the normal reactions of my body when speaking in front of many people so that I may be able to control the same. Knowing how my body reacts in public speaking will help me control my body movement and make my mind ready for every speech assigned to me.

Aside from that, I need also to adopt extemporaneous style of delivery. It is the most easy to practice among all styles of public speaking. Finally, the most practical means of improving my delivery performance in public speaking is to practice in the home where family members listen and comment on the improvement. It is more of an informal setting in preparation of the final speech delivery.


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