Introduction to Ethics essay

Sayre-McCord argues that “There is no doubt that whatever metaethics’s substantive assumptions and practical implications might be, it involves reflecting on the presuppositions and commitments of those engaging in moral thought, talk, and practice and so abstracting away from particular moral judgments. ” For this discussion, I will give a hypothetical example that I would …

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Ethics in Action essay

Every week businesses make decisions that have an impact on their customers, stockholders, and employees; many have said that advertising has nothing to do with truth. In this research, a relevant article concerning truth in advertising/marketing ethically will be discussed, as will an example of an advertisement that is almost completely true-albeit with an important …

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Confronting ethical dilemmas in the media essay

Conflicting interests is one of the most pervasive ethical dilemma faced by media practitioners. Schultz explained that this is often experienced when outside interests interfere with media coverage and news reportage (214). In most cases, media ownership is one factor that readily affects journalists and broadcasters alike in maintaining balance and objectivity (Schultz 214). There …

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