Ethics Self-Assessment essay

The self assessment test that I took was an eye opener for me as I was able to identify some areas which I have determined to be my strong points and others which I obviously have to improve upon. Firstly, I realise that I have exceptionally sound managerial qualities as I am able to coordinate the activities of all subordinate staff under my official jurisdiction. Moreover, my relationship with patients and health workers can be described as cordial. I try to treat everyone fairly. However, I also realise that I am a bit diplomatic in my approach to administrative issues that concern patients.

This sometimes leads to conflict when the patients think that the stand I take is not proper whereas I am only doing my job. This kind of conflict also surfaces in my dealings with health care workers when I have to deal with with administrative issues. I sometimes insist that the rules must be followed to the letter. This pitches me against my co-workers and subordinates sometimes when I sound so insistent. In the light of this, I realise that I have to be more tolerant of other people and their actions.

I now know that it is better to treat everyone according to their abilities and not to assume that everyone should work at the same pace. I have a lot to do in the area of improving my personal relationship with other people, especially my subordinates and colleagues. I now know that I have to strike a balance between dealing with my superiors and subordinates, dealing with clients (patients) and relating to the management (the business) and the society at large. Some conflicts might arise as a result of this but I must be equipped to deal with these problems head –on.