Ethics, Nursing essay


An icon whose personal values seem to be at odds with her publicimage is Rihanna. The musician has used music to make significantcontributions in society. However, the way she presents herself tothe general public raises concern about her principles. Some of hermusic videos have raised a lot of controversy. An illustration is aseven minute music video called “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Thevideo is characterized by use of obscene language, brutality, nudity,a scene on kidnapping and a concluding shot of Rihanna soaked inblood. Also, the video is alleged to glorify a rape culture.

Despite the contention, Rihanna has been involved in theestablishment of charity organizations aimed at helping the needy. In2012, she founded the “Clara Lionel Foundation (,2015).” The institution, which was created to credit hergrandparents, funds global initiatives aimed at health promotion,arts and education. The musician has a humanitarian spirit as she hasdonated millions from her personal earnings and assisted in raisingmore funds for benevolent causes. She has a legacy of serving otherpeople.

In specific, the musician supports international campaigns that aimat improving children’s health, movements against cancer, HIV/AIDSand response to natural calamities. She uses her music as a platformto create money, which she donates to organizations. An illustrationis Rihanna’s donation to the “Food Bank NYC” after HurricaneSandy (, 2015). In 2011, she was UNICEF’sambassador for the “Tap Project” that raised cash to ensurechildren all over the world had proper sanitation and access to cleanwater (, 2015). Although some of her musicvideos have raised concerns about her values, Rihanna’s noteworthyefforts to progress people’s lives cannot be refuted.

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