Ethics law essay



Ethicslaw can bedescribedas the code of conduct governing proper professional behavior, henceestablishing the nature of obligations allocated tosocietyor an individual. Through this,anindividual caninteract with each other through the understanding of the peoplerights. This essay will showcase the deep water horizon oil spill,other costs that the BP Company may have incurred. It will also showsome of the precautions that the company could have taken to minimizethe rate of oil spillage and if the government should be able toreason and condemn residential land and displace homeownersduring the oil crisis tofacilitate commercial development.

TheBP oil spillage

In2010, the Deepwater Skyline oil rig exploded andsankin the Gulf of Mexico. During the incident,11 people went missing and never found. The case became the largestaccidental marine oil spillage in history (Quinn 2015). The estimateof the oil as per the US government recode was 4.9 million barrel ofoil. The spillage had astrongeconomic impact onthe BP. It isseenby the 90 billion US dollars penalty that the company was required topay. In addition to that, it was banned from seeking new contractswith the US government.

Theoil cleansup

Toreduce the rate of oil spillage the company used physical barrierssuch as the floating booms so as to minimize the spread of the oil.They letter used the skimmer boats to remove the higher number of oilthen sorbents, although this did not remove the oil completely. Theylater adoptedthe use of dispersant to breakdownthe oil hence, preventing further damage to the marine habitats. Theyalso funded the Louisiana state to test the marinefor any problem (Lyon, Nezat, Cherry &amp Marks 2015). It showedthat they were taking the consequence of the spillage seriously andtryingto minimize the spillage even though the case had destroyed theeconomy of people who depended on the ocean.The government should not rezone the people for they were affectedboth emotionally and physically due to the incident. For thegovernment to rezone the homeowner,it may course them another a lot of worry of finding another home tostay and yet there are unemployed and have families to take careof.Even if the government would compensate for the damage,the funds will not be enough for the need of the families and thehomeowner around that region.


Itisseenthat the case of BP has raised attention after the explosion and theoil spillage. This case made the company lose a lot of funds incorrecting the case. They werealso bannedfrom doing business with the US government.Tosolve this issue,the company introduced ways necessary to reduce the spread of the oilthat has caused the greateconomicpull down on areas around the coastal line who depend on the ocean.


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