Ethics In Politics essay

Ethics is an ingredient that goes hand in hand with Political matters and this is well stated in the book Just interpretations (Rosenfeld 1998) He says, “Ethics and politics spill over into law…”Hence the need to elect leaders who have the interest of the country at heart and are of good judgment in order to execute managerial responsibilities, be able to carry out proper budgetary allocations and influence people within and outside their country.

Before major elections, for instance in August 31st 2007, Governor Bill Richardson was the first to sign the four state pledge letter pledging not to campaign before the presidential election primary on 5th Feb 2008 in order to avoid chaos during the nomination process. It is through these ‘small’ pledges that ones character as a leader is judged. Discussion #2-ETHICS IN TODAYS ECONOMY The world has many challenges.

The oil prices are too high, adverse effects on the environment that are not only threatening our lives but also our economies. In the book Business and Economic Ethics (Rich, Enderle 2006) it states that, ‘Ethics is a matter of doing justice to the human without twisting the facts and ignoring the constraints. ’ The media helps in addressing major economic issues. ‘It is necessary to construct ethics policies in ways that promote trust in government and yet are reasonable in application.

’ (Frederickson, Ghere p. 260). We have come to know that the policies passed by those in leadership positions can either break or ruin an economy. People have lost their sources of income and the bills are ever increasing. We need proper ethical codes and leaders to instill them to ensure there are proper mechanisms to regulate prices and regulate the use of resources.


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