Ethics in Health Care Practice essay

Ethicsin Health Care Practice

Ethicsin Health Care Practice

Lyckholmet al. (2001) come up with various issues affecting standards ofpractice related to the competency of medical care as explained inthe Ethicsof rural health care article.These issues majorly relate to ethics that need to be observed byhealthcare providers in a bid to make them more capable of providingservices that meet the minimal requirements (Lyckholm, Hackney, &ampSmith, 2001). The article also provides suggestions on how theseproblems can be dealt with to prevent complications pertaining theprovision of the health care services. The more competent the healthcare providers are, the better they are at dealing with healthproblems.

Oneof the major issues that relate to competency in the provision ofcare is the element of specialty care. In the cases where the healthcare providers are more specialized in the provision of certainservices, they are more likely to provide high quality services. Thesituation is because they have practiced the activity for long andare, therefore, more skilled at doing it. The article, however, showsthat most rural health establishments have a lot of primary healthcare providers while they have no specialists. In the long run, suchfacilities will always have a low volume regarding being able toprovide high quality services to the patients who visit them(Lyckholm, et al., 2001). The situation is brought about by the factthat the physicians in such centers will need to provide servicesthat they are not used to. At other times, they may need to giveservices that are way beyond their level of expertise. The case is,more often, where the nearest health facility that providesspecialized care is located about 3-4 hours away.

Oneof the remedies to this problem includes the health care providerstravelling for about 1-2 hours to provide specialized treatment tothe patients. The exercise enables the patients to acquire the kindof services that they do require. Another way involves thespecialists providing training to the physicians in these healthfacilities so as to equip them with relevant skills necessary toprovide specialized treatment. The strategy helps greatly to reducethe problem of lack of specialists in these facilities and hence,they will be able to provide high quality services to the patientsthat they do serve.

Thereare, however, some problems that occur and as a result, hamper theprovision of highly competent services. (Lyckholm, et al., 2001). Oneof them includes the increased impossibility of carrying outcontinued supervision of the services that are given by the healthcare providers. The problem is compounded by the fact that theactivity is normally tedious and requires immense resources to makethe venture successful. There is also the problem of continuity withthe care that is provided by the outreach team. Another problem liesin the circumstance that there is a high likelihood of communicationbreakdown between the team in the outreach centers and the managementat the specialist centers.

Theoutreach team could also face the problem of handling patientinformation within the facilities that it has visited so as to offerspecialized treatment. This basically touches on the aspect ofconfidentiality and privacy. Confidentiality entails keeping crucialinformation about patients from reaching unintended persons. In theera where information has become quite critical, people are moresensitive regarding their personal information. The healthcareproviders, therefore, need to safeguard the personal information oftheir patients in the best way possible (Lyckholm, et al., 2001). Theeffect not only helps to show the patients that they are highlyvalued it also makes the patients have great confidence in thehealth care system to which they subscribe. They will, therefore,find it easy to visit health facilities and share their problems withthe health care providers with the aim of being able to manage them.The effect of this is that there is bound to be a great level ofdesirable response to the treatment that is provided by the healthcare providers since the patients will have trusted them.

Inconclusion, the standards of practice that I have learnt will have agreat impact on me as a practitioner. The standards will provide mewith the information that I require to ensure that I can focus onacquiring skills that will go a long way in making me effective atproviding high quality care (Finkelman,2015).They will also ensure that I can handle the medical records of thepatients that I serve with great care so as to safeguard theirprivacy. The standards will also enable me to work in coherence withother health care providers into achieving the common goal of beingable to serve the patients well so that they may obtain high qualitycare. The impact that the Standards Hall has in making me able toprovide my juniors with information necessary to make them equallyhighly competitive in the delivery of their health care duties isquite valuable.


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