Ethics And Social Groups essay

Good companies stress more attention on satisfying their customers and employees and hence marketers need to cater to the aspect of product issues which social responsibility where by public policy issues and regulations have to be considered with respect to the product addition and deletion, product quality, safety measures adopted, protection of patent and the product warranties. Accurate Labeling: Companies need to understand the requirements of labeling which include the contents, marketing company, company origin and most importantly the safety warnings and instructions which have to be the actual and a form of disguising the customers.

The use of scarce resources: In case of emergencies and crisis, the business leaders need to make real time decisions taking into consideration the availability of scarce resources. Hence resources has to be utilized in a much which helps attain highest profits by following fair competitive rules without fraud and unfair trade practices. Price Fixing: companies must not take undue advantage of the limited choices available and keep increasing on the prices

Discrimination that raise legal and/or ethical issues: Rejection by the family members, discrimination at work place, gender bias, no access to health care, housing and insurance facilities and benefits do pose a sense of objection in the minds of the discriminated group. Conclusion: Taking into sight the different issues that could arise in the perspective of a business enterprise functioning which could in turn hamper the social considerations, the companies has to be more vigilant and ethical in their behavior by following the minimum expected rules and principles.


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