Ethics And Sexuality essay

Sexuality education can also be termed as sexual education as well as relationship and sex education. In sex education, information is obtained hence leading to appropriate approaches in matters pertaining to sex, identity in sex, the way of relating and closeness amongst members of different sexes. Young people are equipped with the ability to come up well-versed ideas. Education on sex is important to young people for it saves them from sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancies, sexual exploitation and sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex education is effective if it builds up skills in young people besides equipping them with information. The possible skills that are developed relate to the daily lifestyle. For instance: the ability to converse, pay attention, bargain; and getting the appropriate source of advice and assistance (Bruess & Greenberg, 2008). In addition, young people develop the ability to be acquainted with influences from people and refuse to accept them. They also develop the ability to cope with discriminations and seek for help in people who can assist for example: parents, and various authorities within the society.

Useful sex education helps young people to make a distinction between valid and invalid information as well as discussing the various perceptions of sexuality together with cultural aspects and subjects such as contraceptive use, abortion and sexuality. But there is a controversy on whether sex education should be taught to young people.

Many people have the view that sex education makes the children to engage in early sex. This write up discusses the various arguments as pertains to sex education and its importance to young people (Bruess & Greenberg, 2008).