Ethics and Environment: Portfolio essay

Since this section calls for sharp analytical and keen observation skills, I can say that I learned more in the side of analysis. For me, analysis is a difficult yet rewarding task since it involves a piece by piece scrutiny of every topic taken in class. I conducted several critical readings in the subjects of Ethics and Business, Business Ethics Applied as well as Biomedical Ethics. I mentioned critical reading because it taught me how to critically assess all knowledge that has been introduced in those subjects. It involves a thorough understanding of every chapter in the book entitled Ethics: Applied to Life.

Critical reading is actually enjoyable and a wonderful area to develop in the academe. My writing skills in the subject of Biomedical Ethics applied did not progress tremendously since I had a slower and little grasp of the topic. My greatest weakness is the difficulty in understanding the basic topics of Biomedical Ethics and its application. According to the FDL Education, the trademark of current American medical ethics is the allegation that doctors need to respect the autonomy of the patient (“The Physician-Patient Relationship, 2008, p. 1).

In Biomedical Ethics Applied subject, I am not aware of its basic foundation as the study is too difficult for me to fathom. I thought that in that subject, a simple writing capability is required and analytical skill is enough. But, I was wrong. However, my knowledge in thinking skills relating to the subjects of Ethics and Political Philosophy, Ethics in Politics and Society Applied, Ethics and the Environment and Ethics and the Environment Applied is very noticeable. I can also critically assess every subject readings of these subjects especially that I have no doubts in its importance to the development of society and its ethics.

I combined my understanding in these areas to be able to come up with basic and simple notes of the subjects. Here are the things that I am capable of understanding in this subjects taking up the more general and basic principles. Basically, the importance of sound ethical judgment and reasoning in all aspects of life taught me to understand by heart the rationale of its incorporation in my studies. In living this life, it is strictly required that we should be responsible of all our actions. Ethics is a subject that will help this strict requirement easy to fulfill.

I mentioned strict requirements because I know that life would be difficult if all things are done unethically. Therefore, sound ethical judgment and correct reasoning are the guarantees that life could become orderly and proper. There may be complexities in the implementation of this idea, like differences in ethical perceptions, yet it can be fixed with a universal understanding that ethics is the only way that we can gain economic, political, cultural and spiritual development. The most basic ethical concept is that of honesty.

Honesty is necessary in the workplace, in the Church, in school and most especially in the home. Going back to the idea of respect in patient autonomy, it can be accomplished and followed properly if the patient is honest enough in giving his or her decisions to the doctor or physician. For example, a physician cannot respect the autonomy of a patient who decides that he or she can undergo operations, for reasons of failure to disclose that a previous unrelated operation has been done. In this situation, the physician will decline to conduct another operation if the health or life of the patient would be in danger.

Therefore, the ethical value of honesty is very significant. This knowledge and conviction is one of the things that I realized in the subjects taken through development of analytical building skill. Knowledge Acquisition I may not perfect in all the tests conducted in the study of humanities, yet I gained all the necessary principles and ideas that are useful in life. I tried my very best to gain the highest level of knowledge concerning the concepts, ideas, as well as the ability to keep the perspectives intact in my mind. The study of humanities is an interesting subject.

Because of that, the knowledge that I gained in it corresponds to my eagerness to apply it my life. In connection with that, the idea that business transactions must be managed with utmost diligence and in an orderly manner coupled with the careful use of ethical standards strengthened my knowledge. Sound ethical judgment in business transactions attract more clients, patrons, customers and even investors enough to improve the sales report. Profits will follow if those who are engaged in business know how to apply ethical situations in different situations.

Not only that, responsible living also requires the ability to choose what is right and reasonable. I learned that I does not matter if a person stands alone being right, what is important is the courage to fight for what is correct. This principle is applicable in all subjects like business management, biomedical practice, political activities, and in protecting the environment. For instance, in democratic societies, political activities require integrity and honesty so that the constituents will be satisfied of the services rendered by the politician.

Without the perfect ability to maintain integrity in dealing with other people in the society as politician, it will result to loss of confidence aggravated by the will of the people to decline support. Thus, ethical standards are the key to maintain vote of confidence by the people for succeeding elections. I still submit that I learned many things in the study of humanities. The concepts and ideas that I learned in the study of humanities in relation to ethical standards prove that I am serious in gaining knowledge.

Essentially, all these things are important for responsible living. Going back to the principle of honesty and integrity in relation to business activities, I can say that most business establishments that are found to have run with ethical standards are successful. It applies to the proper handling of employees, clients and prospective investors. The failure to apply basic ethical principles in a business endeavor results to loss of profits. I acquired also knowledge in the subject like connecting ethical standards to protecting the environment from degradation.

In my own analysis, the responsibility of taking care for the environment should start from the rightful decision of every individual to do their part. Every person must cooperate in preventing any damage done to the environment. In this process, application of ethical standards comes in. One must see to it the he or she did not aggravate environmental problems by means of not throwing garbage in the right place. That simple knowledge could add to the analysis that without the honest intention of men to act properly with regards to environmental matters, environmental degradation will eventually exist.

Lastly, acquisition of knowledge in this course reminds me that without diligent efforts in reading and understanding the concepts will result to difficulty in assimilating different ideas, concepts, and principles of the study of humanities. I learned more things in Ethics and Political Philosophy subject as well as in the area of Ethics in Politics and Society Applied. With that, I am more convinced that ethical standards are significant. Practical Application In this course, there is one thing that I cannot forget, that in this life we need to have a drive to make changes.

These changes involve the constant development and improvement of how we live. It also include how wed deal with other people and how our interactions with them correspond to the changes we need. If the political environment needs change in the way political leaders govern, then let the ethical standards be used to do so. If the environment needs to be cleaned and protected, then let the people choose to help achieve that goal in a unified manner. According to Kuart and Sciences Media, we can hope for change if we decide to do so (Humanities, 2008, p. 2).

An individual’s hope for change may make the same person realize that he or she is part of the growing human being understanding and experience that defines the world in which we live (Humanities, 2008, p. 2). I am also aware that by means of the study of Humanities, I will be able to discover and connect past human experience and knowledge with present needs. These experiences can be used to develop my dreams and aspirations in preparation of my future. In other words, it is my knowledge and understanding of the past and present that will determine my future life.

For example, if I am aware that floods and other natural calamities that happened in the past is due to environmental degradation caused by human abuse to nature, my ability to help in abolishing abuse to nature today will lessen the risk of natural disaster in the future. In my study of the course, I realized that it is not right to neglect any preparation for the future. Meaning, our negligence today will result to difficulties in the future. If I did not take this course, then I will not be able to resolve that my choice to change my old ways in life is significant.

Aside from that, Kuart and Sciences Media also mentioned that one of the topics wherein ethical option becomes very significant is in the formation and execution of technological advances (Humanities, 2008, p. 2). For so many years ago, people find the hard time to improve their lives because the area of technological advancement is not yet in the picture. I can imagine people walk so many miles for transportation facilities are not yet developed. The lifestyle that they presented is the exact opposite that we have to day for we can travel as fast as we can base our ability to pay the price.

That is, technological advancement brings forth progress. As people continue to discover and develop technology, the world is getting progressive and dynamic innovation started to emerge. As we could see, the environment becomes more polluted due to the increasing use of oil and other energy devices to run transportation facilities. Thus, we must go along with these changes in order not to be left behind. Moreover, in the society today, we are faced with the problems relating to our political leaders.

Suspicion of massive yet discreet corruption of our political surfaced in the society. If we could go back to the time when the world is in chaos due to ineffective political systems, corruption also existed. The study of humanities could tell us that men are not interested to change their bad habits if that could benefit them. That selfishness is the cause of the existing problem of poverty around the world. If corruption will not be eradicated in a society that vote for political leaders, then every goal to improve our lives will fail.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy quoted the words written by Plato, who is a great political philosopher states that it is commonly understood nowadays that democracy, “government of the people by the people and for the people,” is the greatest and only completely valid political system (“Plato’s Political Philosophy”). This kind of governance expressed the rule that no one is above the law. In the study of humanities and as well as political philosophy, we are aware that the elite and the wealthy can dominate in the society. The resources that they own may be used by them to get what they want at the expense of the masses.